How to Choose the Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape | Expert Tips from a Hair Professional

Planning to get your next haircut soon and want to switch up your go-to look? We’ve got you covered! We sat down with Isabel Cortez, a hair educator and trainer since 2016, as she shared her tips and insights on flattering hairstyles that can suit your face shape.

Read on to learn which hairstyles can enhance your natural beauty.

What things should I consider before getting a haircut?

Before getting that next haircut, it’s important to first know what your face shape looks like. Isabel mentions that different hairstyles can enhance or balance your facial features, which is why your face shape can influence the flattering results of certain haircuts.

It is also important to consider your hair type and texture, as its natural thickness can affect the haircut result and how it can be styled. 

Note - This article is meant to be a guide only. Please feel free to consult further with your hairstylist on which hairstyle works best for your face shape and hair type.

Heart-Shaped Face

You likely have a heart-shaped face if you have a delicate and narrow chin. Isabel recommends haircuts that enhance the chin’s width area, soften the widow’s peak, and strengthen the jawline to balance out your face’s sharpness. 

These hairstyles include a deep side part (1), bangs or a thick fringe (2), and voluminous hairstyles in general (3) - all of which highlight natural heart-shaped facial features while softening the jaw line.

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Meanwhile, Isabel notes to avoid hairstyles that leave your forehead open or give added width to the cheekbones. These usually include tight haircuts that can make some of your facial features sharper.

Oval-Shaped Face

If one of your face’s key features is a jawline that is narrower than the cheekbones, then you most likely have an oval-shaped face. Isabel mentions that a lot of hairstyles suit this face shape, allowing versatility and flexibility with a wide range of haircuts.

Popular haircuts you can explore are medium-length layers (1), a side-parted lob (2), and bangs (3).

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Triangle and Inverted Triangle-Shaped Face

Whether you have a narrow forehead and a wide jawline or the other way around, it’s best to go for hairstyles that balance the general triangular features of your face. 

Ideal hairstyles for this face shape include long layers (1), which can add volume and balance to your face shape, shoulder-length hairstyles (2), which add fullness to the jawline, side-swept bangs (3), which softens your forehead, and chin-length bobs with soft layers (4), which provide balance without overwhelming the upper portion of your face.

Image Sources: Pinterest, Styles At Life, Byrdie, StyleCraze

Isabel advises avoiding hairstyles that place attention on your chin, making your appearance more top-heavy. These include short bobs and heavy bangs because these can make your forehead appear wider.

Square-Shaped Face

If your face is characterized by a wide hairline and jawline, then you likely have a square-shaped face. It’s best to explore haircut options that balance and soften your face’s square-shaped features. 

Isabel recommends playing around with styles such as soft layers (1), long waves (2), side-swept bangs (3), and shoulder-length hair (4), which can all soften the sharp angles of your face and provide balance without overwhelming your face shape.

Image Sources: Pinterest, Love Hairstyles, Latest-Hairstyles, The Right Hairstyles

Overall, Isabel advises that it’s best to avoid any hairstyle that emphasizes the squareness of your face in an imbalanced way. Some of these styles include straight and blunt bangs, very short pixie cuts, and boxy, one-length bob cuts. She notes that it’s best to opt for more layered styles to flatter your face shape.

Circle-Shaped Face

If your face has a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones, then you’re likely to have a circle face shape. Isabel considers it ideal to go for haircuts that naturally open up your face with added height and length. 

Such hairstyles include long hair (1) or long bob cuts (2). If you want to go for a short look, you can also opt for pixie cuts (3) to add height to your face. As an added tip, Isabel shares that those with circle-shaped faces should opt for center parts, since they help open up the face more.

Image Sources: Latest-Hairstyles, The Trend Spotter, Pinterest

Meanwhile, hairstyles such as straight bangs/fringe cuts and short bob cuts end up shortening the face—making these hairstyles best to avoid for those with a circle-shaped face. 

Oblong-Shaped Face

You’ve got an oblong face shape if your face is twice as long as they are wide. If your face is known to be naturally long with some rounded features, it’s best to consider hairstyles that focus on creating the illusion of a wider face by adding width and volume to your strands. 

These haircut ideas include shoulder-length hair (1) bob cuts (2), layered styles (3), and side-swept bangs (4). These styles can add movement and volume to your hair, helping to make your face appear more balanced.

Image Sources: PureWow, The Right Hairstyles, Latest-Hairstyles, Byrdie

With that, Isabel advises avoiding hairstyles that end up making your face look more elongated, such as having very long, flat hair that hangs to flat against your face. It’s also best to avoid going for super short pixie cuts, which can accentuate your face length. Isabel also recommends parting your hair to the side instead of going for center parts to add natural width to your face.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Considered the rarest of face shapes, a diamond face shape is defined by a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and a thin chin. Isabel shares that it’s best to opt for hairstyles that soften the natural angles of your face to bring balance to your overall look while adding volume at the same time.

These include chin-length bobs (1), soft layers (2), side-swept bangs (3), and pixie cuts with volume (4). If you want to go for a more edgy look, try asymmetrical styles (5).

Image Sources: The Right Hairstyles, Byrdie, HoodMWR

Meanwhile, Isabel advises that those with a diamond-shaped face should refrain from hairstyles that emphasize the angularity of their face. These include extremely short and tight hairstyles that exaggerate the diamond angles, heavy bangs that make the forehead appear wider, and excess volume at the crown which draws attention to the narrow forehead and chin.

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