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Editor’s Note: This article was initially published in Aveda. Tousled Online Magazine editors have done minor edits.
Does your hair feel dry and rough to the touch? Does it look dull and lackluster, with visible split ends or strands that break easily? Chances are, you’re dealing with hair damage, an inevitable reality for all of us.
Your healthiest hair starts from within—and remedying hair damage requires more than a surface-level fix. This is where botanical repair™, our 100% vegan hair repair system, comes in. Aveda’s award-winning hair repair collection works by building brand-new hair bonds deep within the hair cortex to deliver stronger, healthier-looking results for all hair types and textures from 1A-4C.
But what are hair bonds, and why are they so important, anyway? Below, we’re answering these questions and diving into the bond-building technology that powers botanical repair™. 
All about hair bonds 
Let’s start with a quick science lesson: Your hair is made of a strong, fibrous protein called keratin. Keratin is held together by many types of hair bonds, including disulfide bonds and hydrogen bonds. Both of these bonds contribute to your hair’s overall strength and appearance; think of them as the “glue” which holds each individual hair strand together. Their integrity is essential for strong, healthy-looking hair. 
Unfortunately, hair bonds are breakable and can be compromised by the 4 most common causes of hair damage: heat, chemical, mechanical and environmental. Everything from heat-styling your hair to swimming in a pool to spending time outdoors may contribute to hair that’s dry, brittle, and dull. It was with this knowledge that our botanical repair™ hair repair collection was born. 
Bond Builders
Building brand-new bonds for stronger hair
Earlier, we mentioned the two different types of hair bonds: disulphide bonds and hydrogen bonds. While disulphide bonds cannot be recreated for hair care application, our Aveda scientists developed an innovative, 100% vegan plant molecule to assist in creating brand-new hydrogen bonds. 
This bond-building hair repair technology is a key feature of botanical repair™. It works by building many new hydrogen bonds within the cortex (the innermost part of the hair). Aveda’s differentiated approach delivers hair strength in numbers, where stronger hair starts from within. The result? Softer, shinier, and healthier-looking hair. 
3 layers of hair repair
Treating damaged hair isn’t simply about building new hair bonds—it’s also about repairing existing stress and protecting from further damage, too. Targeting all 3 layers of hair damage, botanical repair™ is uniquely formulated to strengthen, repair, and protect hair. Here’s how.
  1. Strengthens the cortex: Healthy hair starts from deep within strands. A vegan molecule penetrates deep into the hair cortex, building many new hair bonds for stronger, healthier-looking hair.
  1. Repairs the cuticle: Strong hair is soft to the touch and manageable. Aveda’s nourishing macro green blend featuring avocado, green tea and sacha inchi seed oils helps to smooth and repair the hair cuticle, leaving strands feeling lush.
  1. Protects hair at the F-layer: The final step of treating damaged hair? Shielding against future damage. Aveda’s plant-derived bio-shield complex shields strands from further damage by creating a botanical F-layer to mimic the outermost layer of your hair.
It’s time to build new hair bonds from within with botanical repair™.

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