Educator Spotlight: Valerie Corpuz for HairMNL Academy Workshops by MUD Studio x HairMNL

Meet Valerie Repato Corpuz - a bridal and celebrity hairstylist whose expertise goes beyond her years of experience.

Valerie is part of the team of educators at HairMNL Academy Workshops in collaboration with MUD Studio x HairMNL. Her story started back in 2010 when she began her journey as an assistant, learning the ropes of the trade.

Valerie's path took her across the province, where she honed her craft – from meticulous planning to designing, and crafting stunning hairstyles for various events. Inspired to match the skills of the hairstylists she admired and fueled by her determination to gain recognition for her talents, she wholeheartedly embraced consistent practice and perpetual learning. She firmly believes that the pursuit of knowledge not only enhances her skills but also opens the doors to endless possibilities.

Rather than labeling herself as a celebrity hairstylist, she prefers to let her clients speak about her expertise. Some of the many celebrities Valerie has worked with are Camille Co, Cassy Legaspi, Small Laude, Kristine Hermosa, and Catriona Gray. 

Image Source: @valeriecorpuz on Instagram

Her Teaching Philosophy 

Valerie believes that even if you think you know a lot, there is always more to learn. She wants to instill this concept in her students. Her goal is to provide them with hands-on guidance to craft captivating looks. 

She emphasizes that being a hairstylist encompasses more than technical skills – it involves cultivating strong client relationships, collaborating with others, and mastering effective communication. Hairstyling, in her opinion, is more than just a job; it is a fusion of creativity, relationships, and continuous learning.

Advice for Aspiring Hairstylists 

Valerie wants her students to remember the importance of perfect timing. Since patience and skill go hand in hand, she believes in respecting one's own pace and consistently striving for improvement. Additionally, her experience has taught her the importance of treating seniors with respect, since they hold knowledge that can help in personal growth. 

One crucial principle she follows is to avoid passing judgment on other hairstylists; each person's approach is unique and deserves to be understood. She passionately advocates focusing on one's own tasks rather than being preoccupied with the actions of others.


Valerie says, “Always remember to be gentle with oneself, don’t rush the process, and engage in actions that contribute to growth. Pressure does not have to be your motivator.” Her unwavering belief is that hard work and dedication will inevitably lead to success. While there may be challenges, such as burns or equipment failures, these serve as stepping stones to your more tremendous success. 

HairMNL Academy Workshops by MUD Studio in Collaboration with HairMNL

Valerie agreed to this workshop through a conversation with a close friend. She empathizes with the challenges new makeup artists encounter, including financial limitations in hiring hairstylists. Recognizing this, she values the importance of equipping makeup artists, and other fellow stylists, with hairstyling skills to empower them to offer comprehensive services.

The workshop will capture the basics, such as the proper preparation of different hair types, until specific styling techniques, like bridal updos. Beyond aesthetics, this workshop represents empowerment and will allow aspiring artists to broaden their skill sets. Join Valerie in the Advanced Hairstyling for Events Classes.

Whether you're a seasoned stylist looking to improve your craft or a beginner with a passion for hair artistry, HairMNL Academy Workshops by MUD Studio in Collaboration with HairMNL might be for you. Our classes are designed to enhance your skills and set you on the path to real-world success.

View our full class schedule here and register for your slot. Registration is ongoing. Classes will be held at HairMNL Studio, Unit 204, The Vantage at Kapitolyo.

For more information, email or contact Ycar at 09171801133. 


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