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Because of several stereotypes and standards, many Filipino women have felt insecure about owning their curls. But thankfully, things are starting to change. More and more people are embracing their curls thanks to the increasing guidance on how to care for them as well as the rise of curl care products. 
Curls are diverse and unique per individual, but Kerastase has the ritual that can enhance beautiful, healthy, and bouncy curls. Curious to know how these products are? We’ve invited Carla and Bihan to try out the Curl Manifesto Rituals on their curls and share their experience with us!
After a few washes, both women got back to us on how their curls were after using the products. Just see the results below for yourself and read more about their experiences using Kerastase's Curl Manifesto range.
Overall I got good and consistent results in my trial period. The products were aligned with my goal to have a simple routine but still have good and consistent results. Kerastase Curl Manifesto is pleasant to smell, curl defining and I noticed that my hair became shinier.”
“My curls became much more defined and voluminous! They gave off such a natural, healthy shine as well. The Curl Manifesto line helped me achieve my actual curl pattern and have them hold for days, especially with the help of the Refresh Spray.”


Curl Manifesto has two types of rituals depending on your curl type. We have one for the Wavy to Curly Hair (Type 2), and for Very Curly to Coily Hair (Types 3-4). Here are Carla's and Bihan's their thoughts about each product they tried.
Watch how they tried Kerastase Curl Manifesto below.


By now, this is probably the big question every curly-haired girl is thinking. While Curl Manifesto contains ingredients that are not CGM-approved, this range is still a professional hair care line that can nourish, strengthen, and define curls. The products contain Manuka Honey, to help nourish natural curls, and Ceramide, to restore softness and protect against environmental aggressors. For those who are open to exploring alternatives to the CGM-method, you can check out Kerastase’s Curl Manifesto’s range here.
At the end of the day, curly hair care can be flexible depending on your hair needs and preferences. Embracing and celebrating your curls should never feel too limiting. Whether you prefer to stick to the CGM-method or not, the important thing is to feel empowered with your curly hair routine! If you’d like to know more about what Curl Manifesto can give your curls, check out this guide. Got questions in mind? Consult our experts for free.
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