Davines A Single Shampoo - Kind to Your Hair, Kind to the Planet

A Single Shampoo is the latest addition to the Davines family and features their most significant effort to combine a professional quality product with the highest sustainability standards. 
A Single Shampoo is 98.2% biodegradable and is made with 95% natural origin ingredients. All the carbon emissions are offset, excluding use phase. In line with what was already done for Essential Haircare, A Single Shampoo contains an ingredient chosen to help preserve biodiversity. It is a special surfactant partially derived from Quercetano Olive Oil, a Slow Food Presidium created by Davines to actively support biodiversity.
Single Shampoo

Kind to Your Hair

A Single Shampoo, P1,550, gently cleanses, moisturises and gives your hair elasticity. It is perfect for daily use and contains natural surfactants derived from olive oil and sustainable palm oil. There are no silicons, animal-derived ingredients with 100% natural preservatives and is also sustainable for the planet.
Single Shampoo with plants

Kind to the Planet

Davines’ A Single Shampoo’s bottle is 100% recyclable and uses 48% less plastic than regular 250mL bottles. The packaging is made from bio-based plastic from renewable vegetable sources like sugar cane and is designed to reduce the impact on transport. The containers are designed to facilitate the use of every single drop to avoid product waste.
In addition, for every purchase of A Single Shampoo, Php 150 will be donated to support the planting and maintenance of mangrove seedling by the WoMangrove Warrior of Leyte, Philippines. This shampoo isn’t only good for your hair, but the planet too! 
Single Shampoo Scent

Single Shampoo Scent

You can find rosemary essential oil in the fragrance of A Single Shampoo, P1,550. The unforgettable and Mediterranean fragrance of A Single Shampoo is 100% natural and obtained precisely from essential oils: not only rosemary, but also lavender, cedarwood and geranium.The fragrance has stimulating properties: it improves mood and strengthens memory. 
Single Shampoo bottle
Catch this newest product during Davines Week on HairMNL from October 11-17, 2021. If you’d like to learn more about Davines Single Shampoo, discover it here.
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