Introducing Wella Professionals’ NEW Koleston Perfect PPD-FREE Permanent Color

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It takes skill and years of experience to create the most Instagrammable hair looks out there, but every hair pro knows that the products you use play a crucial role in each masterpiece too. Without high performance, high definition and high precision hair color, that vibrant red or cool, crisp blonde wouldn’t look as eye-catching. But how do you know if you’re using the right tools? 
Let’s just say there’s a reason one tube of Koleston Perfect is sold every second across the globe. Here, Wella Professionals reveals what makes it one of the most versatile color products out there. Spoiler: it’s all about the innovative Ultra Precision Color Technology. 
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Wait – What Is Ultra Precision Color Technology, And Why Do I Need It

The fact is, many hair colors offer a compromised result and it often comes down to a problem that takes place during the oxidative coloring process. Naturally, we all have metals in our hair that come from our bodies and the water we use, and they tend to be more concentrated through the porous  Opens in a new tab ends of the hair. While these metals are not harmful on their own, they create free radicals when they come into contact with peroxide, which then can affect hair bonds and disturb the color formation.
The good news is, there are ways to counteract this unwanted process, so you can achieve a reliable color result every time. No surprises – just a flawless finish from root to tip. The secret is in the Ultra Precision Color Technology found in every shade of Koleston Perfect. Here’s how it works:
  1. When color is applied, the Ultra Precision Color Technology creates a controlled environment outside and inside the hair to reduce the formation of free radicals, resulting in a perfect color formation.
  2. Color is precisely formed at the right place deep inside the hair, while providing protection to the hair bonds.
  3. Even on long, porous hair, where metals are more prominent through the lengths, the Ultra Precision Color Technology offers resistance to damage and a true-to-tone finish. 
Find out more in this quick video: 

What About Koleston Perfect’s Other Benefits

The Ultra Precision Color Technology is just one reason so many colorists love Koleston Perfect. As you’ll see, there are so many added benefits that make this product a dream to work with… 
  1. You Can Team It With Any Color Service
Koleston Perfect is so versatile, you can use it to enhance any coloring technique, whether you’re sweeping on a balayage, painting on highlights or applying a full head of color. 
  1. You Can Use It To Cover Grays
If your client is looking to cover gray roots or camouflage silver strays, Koleston Perfect will give you up to 100% gray coverage.
The ultra high precision of Koleston Perfect will ensure each of these looks sparkle right through to the tips, so you can give you the vibrant, healthy-looking results you’re looking for.
Wella Koleston Perfect Pure Balance Technology

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