Your Pre and Post Workout Hair Care Guide with Fitness Pros

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Getting ahead of your 2022 fitness goals but your holiday hairstyle is in the way? Don’t let oily scalp, dry strands or hair fall from tight ponytails stop you from starting your fitness journey We sat down with Nicole Te, Miguel Magat, and Katz Salao, 3 of the metros’ top fitness gurus from Ride Revolution, to give us some insight on common hair care work out concerns with recommendations from us on how to solve them.

Avoid Ponytail Pulls

Katz Salao | Ride Revolution

Tight ponytails are a standard style for almost any fitness routine. Nicole Te, a ride instructor and expert on fitness and food, finds that her thick smooth hair often gets pulled after long days of fitness. “Sometimes it hurts my scalp. I also have difficulty keeping it up when my hair feels too smooth.”  

Katz Salao, also a spin class instructor, has all the emotional space to motivate her class, but when it comes to her hair, she finds herself a little stretched “My hair always feels a bit too tight in a tight ponytail during workouts, so it’s always “banat” and I know my hair doesn’t like that.” Adding, “I’ve been noticing hairfall and brittle strands, too.”

Nicole and Katz are likely experiencing a form of mechanical hair damage. If you’re facing a tight challenge yourself, give your hair a bit of strength to stretch. Apply Davines The Restless Circle Mask, P400, to bring elasticity back to your strands. This anti-breakage mask can protect your hair from mechanical damage caused by hair clips and hair ties.

Set Up for Sweat Styling

On hectic days, Miguel Magat, a passionate coach, says he doesn't mind sweating through the toughest class, “I avoid putting too much product on my hair. I let the natural oils take over whenever I have back to back classes.” But he adds, “My hair gets too oily especially when I place too much product before working out. When my hair gets too oily it usually drops to my face and distracts me from performing”

If your strands are distracting you, don’t worry and stay focused on what matters.  Use a water based pomade like American Crew Fiber, P860,  which has a lightweight  formula that provides total control and lasting moderate hold, but rinses easily.

Slicking Down Baby Hairs

Nicole considers one of her biggest problems to be “hiding my baby hair when I workout-- even when I use a lot of wax and pins.” Don’t let your short strands distract you from your goal. We know focus is the key to any fitness routine so slick those strands into shape with a gel, like Davines This is a Medium Hold Modeling Gel: For Full-Bodied, Wet Looks, P840, that sets down those pesky tuchang. No electrified looks here! 

Stay Fresh on Long Workout Days

Planning to spend hours working out? Here’s how these top instructors stay extra sharp. “For extra sweaty days, I apply Argan Oil or  Balmain Silk Perfume in the morning for some hair nourishment. Then I make sure to let my hair down as soon as I finish, to let it breathe.” For Katz, it’s tough to keep looking fresh for every class. But she shares this neat trick for smooth styles all through the day. With Balmain Silk Perfume, P2,900, she can detangle and repair damaged hair with argan oil that leaves lasting smoothness, shine, and fragrance.

For Nicole, she stays fresh with “a dry shampoo or sea salt spray and then keeps it up in a bun. And then when it’s time for me to step out, I remove the bun so I have natural waves.” We totally love this hack. If you’re like Nicole and have days when you just want to enjoy your post work glow, freshen up your hair with dry shampoo that laps up extra oils from your hair. Try Aveda Foam Reset, P1,900, a leave-in/rinseless hydrating hair cleanser that’s great for your scalp and tames frizz. 

At HairMNL we believe great hairstyles start with a healthy lifestyle, so we hope these tips help so you never have to hold back on fitness. If you want to get started on your fitness journey, visit Ride Revolution to book your ride online and enjoy a unique and fun workout experience.

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