Is your hair falling out? It might be time for a scalp exfoliation.

Did you know that dead skin, smog, dust, and harsh chemicals can affect the health of your hair? A condition called an atonic scalp, it's described as periodically sensitive scalp with dull and lifeless hair. But there is more to this than just dry lackluster hair. So what exactly is it, and what can you do to protect your scalp?
Atonic scalp
What is an atonic scalp?
An atonic scalp is a common condition where your scalp is “asphyxiated” or smothered by the buildup of impurities. Noticeable signs of this are scalp sensitivity and hair loss, and dullness tone or vibrancy. Atonic scalps can be mistaken for under moisturized hair, as symptoms can seem similar. But if your scalp is not flaking and you practice a healthy moisturizing routine and still experience the symptoms described above, you may unknowingly be suffering from an atonic scalp.
Why is it bad?
Over time, an atonic scalp-sufferer will have clogged hair follicles resulting in hair loss and decreased hair strength. 
Clogged hair follicles
What causes an atonic scalp?
Think of your scalp and hair as a sponge that has been inundated by pollutants. For those living in heavily polluted areas like cities, your scalp can be overwhelmed by the buildup of dirt and smog particles, daily styling chemicals, dust and even the mild noxious fumes from within your home. It is hard to recognize an atonic scalp because the symptoms are mild, with dullness easily masked by conditioners. But the shine isn’t the only basis for healthy hair.  If your hair has periodically become dull and lifeless, and your scalp sensitive it may be time to detoxify your hair and give it room to breathe. 
How can I prevent it?
Regularly detoxifying your scalp is the best place to start. It is hard to avoid the barrage of pollutants coming at your hair from everywhere. So instead, consider a routine that prioritizes the exfoliation of the scalp’s surface with a regular treatment at your salon or use a professional mild shampoo scrub to cleanse your scalp.
Davines Naturaltech Detoxifying Shampoo
What can I do if I already have it?
Regular shampoos and masks are not fit for the job of scrubbing your hair from these impurities and strong cleansers may aggravate an already stressed scalp situation. We recommend Davines Naturaltech Detoxifying Shampoo: Revitalizing For Atonic Scalp, ₱ 1,085, a mild but targeted exfoliating shampoo that scrubs your scalp thoroughly without stripping it of its natural oils. With artichoke phytochemicals that are rich in polyphenols for strong antioxidant action and l microcapsules to exfoliate the scalp's surface, plus silica particles, it is an all-around remedy for atonic scalp issues. For sensitive skin, it also has essential oils from cardamom, coriander, and mint to stimulate and soothe your scalp.
Essential oil
How do I use an atonic scalp scrub?
Specialized shampoos such as scrub cleansers are not intended for daily use but can be used as desired depending on the need. Massage about 20g of the solution onto your scalp and massage for at least 20 minutes. The scrubbing action will help remove impurities stuck to your scalps dead skin before rinsing the pollutants away thoroughly. 
Scalp care is the very root of hair care. Knowing this, give your hair that much-needed detox scrub to give it a fresh cool feeling made free of impurities. 

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