Just Got Your Hair Colored? Add Color Conditioners to Your Routine to Make it Last Longer!

Let’s be real – while hair color can look great on you, they can be relatively high maintenance.  Good thing there are ways you can do to help delay color fading at home in between salon visits. While you might have already switched to a color safe shampoo, why not make the shift to a color conditioner too? After all, color treated hair has specific needs that a usual hair conditioner won’t have. If you want to make your color last even longer between salon visits, then it’s time to add these color conditioners to your routine.

Color treated hair

What are Color Conditioners?

Take note, it’s not to be confused with color-depositing conditioners which are pigmented. Color conditioners are non-pigmented conditioners that help in preventing color fading. They are designed for color-treated hair and focuses on moisturizing the hair and protecting the color from fading.

Why Should It Be Part of Your Routine?

There are multiple reasons as to why you should use a color conditioner, and here are some:

  • Keeps your color from fading
  • Standard conditioners that aren’t for color-treated hair may hydrate your hair, but it might not help you make your color last longer. With the purpose of enhancing color vibrancy, color conditioners can help you maintain your color and lessen your salon appointments. With Wella Professionals Invigo Brilliance Vibrant Color Conditioner, P975, you can supplement your color-safe shampoo and provide your hair the hydration and color protection it needs. Infused with Anti-Oxidant Shield Technology and Lime Caviar, you get that instant color vibrancy and protection.

    Wella Professionals Invigo Brilliance Vibrant Color Conditioner

    Source: evofabpro_russia/Instagram 

  • Makes your colored-treated hair healthy and shiny.
  • Doesn’t your hair feel stiff and dry after coloring? While the level of damage may vary on how much chemicals were used, your hair has still undergone a chemical treatment.

    The harsh chemicals strip away moisture from your hair, making your strands thirsty and in dire need of moisture. This effect on your hair’s porosity also affects how quickly your color can fade; the less moisture and nourishment your hair has, the quicker your color will fade.

    Plus, conditioning your hair gives you that shine and vibrancy you wish for. The Davines Essentials MINU Conditioner, P1,175, is an illuminating and protective conditioner that prolongs your hair color while adding that luster to your tresses.

     Davines Essentials MINU Conditioner

    How to Use?

    Color conditioners are best used with a color-treated system or routine. Having a targeted hair care routine will help you make your color vibrancy last even longer. After washing your hair with your color-safe shampoo, use a color conditioner.

    When it comes to frequency of usage, this may vary depending on the product’s formula. It’s best to check the direction on the pack to ensure you aren’t using it too little or too much, as this may affect your hair color as well. 

    We hope that we’ve helped you understand more about color conditioners. To view more essentials for your colored hair aftercare, check our collection. If you’re unsure what color conditioner to use, chat with our experts.

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