What Does a Hair Serum Do and How to Use It Correctly?

Hair serums have become a staple in hair care routines, known for their ability to transform the look and feel of hair. These lightweight, potent formulations are designed to target specific hair concerns, from frizz control to adding shine. Understanding what a hair serum does and how to use it correctly can significantly enhance its benefits, making it a valuable addition to your hair care regimen.

What Does a Hair Serum Do and How to Use It Correctly?

What is Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a silicone-based product that coats the surface of your hair. Unlike hair oils that penetrate and nourish the hair cuticles, serums work on the outside, acting as a protective layer. They are formulated with active ingredients that can tackle various issues like frizz, dryness, and damage caused by environmental factors or styling tools. Serums can also add gloss, smoothness, and manageability to hair, making it look healthier and more vibrant.

Benefits of Using Hair Serum

  1. Frizz Control: Hair serums are excellent for taming frizz and flyaways, giving a sleeker, more polished look.
  2. Enhanced Shine: They can add a luminous shine to hair, making dull hair appear more vibrant.
  3. Protection: Serums can form a protective barrier against environmental aggressors like sun, pollution, and humidity.
  4. Damage Repair: Some serums contain ingredients that help repair and protect against styling and heat damage.
  5. Detangling: They can aid in detangling, reducing breakage during combing or brushing.

How to Use Hair Serum Correctly

  1. Choose the Right Serum: Select a serum based on your hair type and concern. Lightweight formulas are ideal for fine hair, while thicker serums suit coarse or dry hair better.
  2. Apply on Damp or Dry Hair: Hair serum can be applied to damp hair after washing or to dry hair. Using it on damp hair can make detangling easier and protect against heat if you plan to use styling tools. On dry hair, it can help control frizz and add shine.
  3. Use the Right Amount: Start with a small amount, usually a pea-sized drop, and increase as needed depending on your hair length and thickness. Over-applying can make hair look greasy.
  4. Apply Mid-Length to Ends: Focus on applying the serum from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair, where it’s typically more damaged. Avoid applying it too close to the roots to prevent greasiness.
  5. Warm it Up: Before applying, warm the serum in your hands. This helps it spread evenly and makes application easier.
  6. Distribution: Use your fingers or a comb to evenly distribute the serum through your hair.
  7. Style as Usual: After applying the serum, you can style your hair as desired.

Discover the Best Hair Serums at HairMNL

HairMNL features a luxurious range of hair serums, each expertly formulated to address unique hair needs. Let's explore some key products from their collection:

1. Kérastase Nutritive 8-Hour Magic Night Serum (P 3,500.00)

HairMNL Kérastase Nutritive 8-Hour Magic Night Serum 90ml 

Infused with Iris Root extract and a blend of 5 vitamins, this serum deeply replenishes dry hair overnight, leaving it softer and more hydrated by morning.

 2. Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicanuit Night Serum (P 3,500.00)

 HairMNL Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicanuit Night Serum 90ml

Image Source: Kérastase

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid combined with Edelweiss flower, this serum hydrates and fortifies bleached or highlighted hair overnight, reducing split ends and enhancing softness and shine.

3. Davines This is a Curl Building Serum (P1,300.00)

Image Source: Influenster

Formulated specifically for curly hair, this serum helps define and enhance curls, providing long-lasting hold and frizz control for beautifully defined and bouncy curls.

4. Olaplex No.9: Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum (P 2,350.00)

Infused with Olaplex's patented bond-building technology, this serum nourishes and strengthens hair, repairing damage and preventing future breakage for healthier, more resilient locks.

5. Brazilian Blowout Acai Daily Smoothing Serum (P 2,565.00)

Image Source: Mercari

Enriched with acai berry extract, this smoothing serum seals the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and promoting smoothness and shine. Ideal for daily use, it helps maintain the results of Brazilian Blowout treatments while protecting hair from heat styling and environmental damage.

Each serum in HairMNL's collection offers a unique solution, ensuring that your hair receives the specific care it deserves.

Hair serum is a versatile and effective product that can significantly improve the texture and appearance of your hair. By understanding what it does and how to use it properly, you can maximize its benefits and enjoy smoother, shinier, and healthier-looking hair. Incorporate a suitable hair serum into your routine and experience the difference it can make.

Explore our full collection of hair serums at HairMNL.com.

Discover the best hair serums tailored for frizz-control available in the Philippines.

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