Hair Oil vs. Hair Serum: Know the Difference

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It’s easy to mix the two up, especially if you’re new to the world of hair care. While they’re both equally great additions to any haircare routine, hair oil and hair serum are not the same. From benefits to uses, these two types of products are very different from each other. Let’s dive into the details, compare the two, and find out which one’s better for your needs.

Hair Oil

Hair oil is like skincare for your hair. It intends to improve your hair condition by nourishing your scalp with vitamins and minerals, giving you soft, shiny, and healthy hair. It can be used as a pre-wash deep treatment or to tame your locks before styling. 

To apply hair oil to your hair, work a few drops on your damp or dry hair - focusing on the tips and working your way up to the mid-shaft. Make sure to distribute the oil evenly and away from the roots by gently rubbing and concentrating on the ends of your hair. You can air dry your hair to weightlessly define your hair texture or blow dry to let the oil seal your cuticles.

Here are a few of our recommended hair oils that you should try:

L'Oréal Huile Original Mythic Oil
A professional multitasking oil, the L'Oréal Huile Original Mythic Oil 100ml (₱1,099) nourishes your hair with highly concentrated oils for healthier and shinier locks.
Olaplex No.7: Bonding Oil
The Olaplex No.7: Bonding Oil (₱2,300) dramatically increases shine, softness, and color vibrancy with its reparative ingredients.
AVEDA Nutriplenish™ Multi-Use Hair Oil
Infused with a concentrated blend of 5 power oils, the AVEDA Nutriplenish™ Multi-Use Hair Oil 30ml (₱2,800) delivers nutrient-powered hydration and shine to your hair only with its natural ingredients.

Hair Serum

On the other hand, hair serum is more for taming and styling your hair. Depending on the product, it is formulated to target different hair concerns such as dull, frizzy, and damaged hair. It coats the hair and provides a protective layer that adds shine, smoothness, and hydration.

To apply hair serum to your hair, tap a few drops on your palm and warm the serum by rubbing it with your hands. Apply thoroughly on freshly-washed or damp hair, starting from the tips and up to the roots. Don’t apply the serum directly on your scalp as this can cause oily hair or accentuate frizz. Gently comb your hair to evenly distribute the serum then style your hair as you like.

Here’s a list of our recommended hair serums for different hair types:

Davines This is a Curl Building Serum
A leave-in serum for creating defined & bouncy curls, the Davines This is a Curl Building Serum: For Flexible, Curly Looks (₱1,200) adds elasticity and shine while preventing frizz and humidity.
Kérastase Chroma Absolu Serum
Kérastase Chroma Absolu Serum 150ml (₱1,950) is a leave-in anti-frizz & heat protectant serum specially made for damaged or color-treated hair.
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Magic Anti-Frizz Shine Serum
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Magic Anti-Frizz Shine Serum 50ml (₱1,400) provides instant sparkling shine and weightless hold & separation for a frizz-free hair.

 Still a bit confused? Here’s a cheat sheet!

  Hair Oil Hair Serum
What Is It Skincare for your hair Typically used as a styling product
Formula Oil-based - usually extracted from plants and herbs Mostly silicone-based
Benefits Improves overall hair health and condition Protects and smoothens hair, adds shine, and prevents tangling
How It Works Lubricates the hair and penetrates the cuticles Seals the cuticles and adds a protective layer
How To Use On damp or dry hair Works best when applied to wet hair

Can’t choose only one or wondering if you can use both at the same time or alternately? Definitely! Your hair will thank you two times more! Browse our wide collection of hair oils and serums, and make them a staple to your hair care routine. If you have more questions, message us for a personalized consultation.

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