The BIG Difference Between Hair Oil and Moisturizer

Moisture and hydration are two big factors that greatly affect the quality of our hair, and although they are interrelated, there is a key difference between products that primarily moisturize versus those that only hydrate. So how do moisturizers and hydrating products work on those thirsty locks?

Knowing the difference

Moisturizing hair


Although both are necessary for a healthy head of hair, moisture-rich products target the hair’s outer layer by creating a barrier around the strands to lock in the moisture. Hair oils, moisturizing creams, and some masks containing emollients, or hydrophobic oils act as anti-humectants (or anti-humidity, in simpler terms), a barrier of sorts that reduce the rate of moisture loss.

Hydration, in contrast, products that hydrate hair bonds with more water molecules in the environment and pull them into the strand. Humectants, as they’re called act as a way for highly porous and damaged hair to hold on to water. Often most rinse-out conditioners and masks do well to hydrate hair.

Shiny hair

As you may have guessed, both moisturizers and hydration products work hand in hand. But like a bucket with holes, all that effort in creating a healthy hydrated look is lost if not sealed in. So consider adding a moisture-rich product to your haircare routine. Ingredients like argan oil are amazing at acting as a barrier to protect hair against moisture loss especially when subject to heat styling or UV rays. 

Try L'Oréal Huile Original Mythic Oil, ₱ 1,099,  that contains highly concentrated amounts of natural Argan oil. It softens and protects hair but doesn’t weigh down the strands. Its formula allows for a fluid texture that facilitates hair-drying for silky magnificent hair from root to tips. Ideal for detangling hair after shampooing and illuminating it before or after heat styling.

L'Oréal Huile Original Mythic Oil

That’s it for  our quick hair check-in. Now that you know more about don’t let all that hard work hydrating and conditioning your hair go to waste. Make sure to try locking in the moisture with a reliable hair oil, for smoother healthier hair. 

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