Not All Sulfate-Free Shampoos Are the Same - So What Should You Get

Did you know that sulfate-free shampoos aren’t just for chemically treated hair? Yup, there are different types of sulfate-free shampoos that can cater to various hair concerns. Let’s go through some of them that you and your hair can enjoy!

What are Sulfates, SLS and SLES?

What are Sulfates, SLS and SLES?

Sulfates often appear on ingredients lists as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), SDS (Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate), or SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfates). This is the ingredient that makes your hair lather while giving you that squeaky clean feeling.

Do sulfate-free shampoos work?

Sulfate free
For hair care, it’s important to strike a good balance of being clean and moisturized. Hair oils are essential in keeping hair hydrated and ensuring that your scalp biome is protected. Without sulfates, your shampoo can still be effective in cleaning impurities but are gentler on the scalp and are non-drying for your strands. 
Keep in mind that sulfate-free shampoos are different from regular shampoos. Often, people don’t think their strands aren’t being cleansed enough since there isn’t a lot of foam forming, if at all. But a little goes a long way even if they are sulfate-free! Just remember to apply these sulfate-free shampoos on fully wet hair and massaged it well. 
Armed with the right one, sulfate-free shampoos are healthier for you and the environment. So let’s explore your options for your different hair concerns!

For Dandruff-Prone Scalps

HairMNL Davines Purifying Shampoo

Here’s the perfect example of why suds don’t mean clean when it comes to hair care. There are many ways to remove impurities from your scalp. That’s why there are dandruff remedies like the top-rated Davines Purifying Shampoo, ₱ 1,400, that aren’t just broadly effective, but are also sulfate-free. This shampoo has such a huge cult following because of how striking the results are. If you’ve got itchy scalp and flakes but are done with sulfates, this shampoo is for you. 

Learn more about Davines Purifying here. 

For Thinning Hair

HairMNL Davines Energizing Shampoo

Even hair fall prone scalp can benefit from sulfate-free shampoo. Try  Davines Energizing Shampoo: For Fragile, Thinning Hair, ₱ 1,400, it gives a balancing effect to the scalp and a moisturizing action to the hair.Just what a scalp prone to hair fall needs.

For Damaged Hair

HairMNL Olaplex No.4: Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Good news, your favorite line of damage repair brand has a sulfate-free shampoo to complement your Olaplex bond-building treatment.  Use Olaplex No.4: Bond Maintenance Shampoo, ₱ 2,350, it’s specially created to cleanses scalp and reduce breakage and strengthen all types of hair.

For Dry Hair

HairMNL Aveda Nutriplenish Shampoo Light
With a sulfate-free shampoo, you lessen your chances of having dry hair! But if you want to keep moisturizing your locks, Aveda’s Nutriplenish Shampoo Light, ₱ 2,160, is your next best friend. With its vegan superfood blend of potent plant butter and oils, it can cleanse and replenish dry hair for a decadent hair experience.
Did you know? Sulfates can cause the acidification of water and soil, and contribute to acid rain and fog that damage ecosystems forests and plants. So having sulfate-free shampoo is not only good for your hair, but also the environment!

For Colored Hair

HairMNL Kérastase Chroma Absolu Sulfate-Free Shampoo (Thick Hair) 250ml
Image Source: eBay

 When it comes to hair color, sulfates might not be the best ingredient. Sulfates don’t just strip hair of oils but they also remove cosmetic color, leading to early hair color fading. 

For a cleanser specially designed for maintaining your thick and vibrant colored hair try Kérastase Chroma Absolu Sulfate-Free Shampoo (Thick Hair) 250ml, ₱ 1,950! Its rich formula deeply cleanses and nourishes strands while helping our porous hair preserve 92% of its color pigments even after six weeks of use. 

For Keratin Treated Hair

HairMNL Davines LOVE Shampoo: Lovely Smoothing Shampoo for Coarse or Frizzy Hair
Got a keratin treatment or a brazilian blow-out to smoothen your strands lately? Harsh sulfates can cause the stripping of protein added to your hair. Protect them with a mild smoothing sulfate-free shampoo like Davines LOVE Shampoo, ₱ 1,400! It’s a nourishing shampoo that can gently cleanse frizzy hair.
For best results, try out the Davines LOVE Frizz-Free Set, ₱ 2,900! This sulfate-free duo can moisturize your hair to give you smooth strands.

For Curls

Kérastase Curl Manifesto Shampoo
For curly haired girls, locking in moisture is key to a bouncy healthy head of hair. While there are different types of routines for different types of curls, one thing is certain - sulfates might not be suitable for healthy curls. 
Good thing there’s Kérastase Curl Manifesto Shampoo, ₱ 1,950! It cleanses the scalp and hair while infusing curls with vital hydration without weighing it down to enhance curl patterns and volume.

Now that you’ve found your sulfate-free shampoo, it’s time to go get that right care for your strands. Remember that suds don’t equate to cleanliness but healthy hydrated strands do. So get your moisture balance back with sulfate-free shampoos from our collection! Explore more here.

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