Multi Hair Masking – A Korean Skincare Beauty Inspired Routine for Your Scalp & Locks

Many of us wish for a versatile hair care treatment that can address all our hair concerns all at the same time. But just like us, our hair can feel different from one day to the next so we need different products to respond to our changing needs. Inspired by Korean skincare routines, Davines The Circle Chronicles makes it possible to  target these different trouble areas all while being able to mix and match hair masks to address individual needs of your scalp, lengths and ends. Amazing right? Enjoy these customizable hair masks for every occasion, all while multitasking. Here are 7 invigorating masks you can choose and match for a rejuvenated hair with quick results you can immediately feel.

What is Multi Hair Masking? 
Your scalps needs can differ from your strands. Often, damaged strands require much more moisture than, for example, your scalp that often needs cleansing and detoxifying. But what if you could do both, saving you lots of time and giving you great hair? Watch the video above to find out how to start multi-masking and read on to find out your options for what masks you can mix and match with Davines The Circle Chronicles. 
For Scalp
Not all masks work on the scalp and in fact some can even irritate your strands. That’s why it’s good to check if your masks are scalp friendly like these two below. 

The Circle Chronicles: The Purity Circle
Did you know that a well cleansed and conditioned hair will enable your cuticles to absorb more vitamins and nutrients? Recuperate your hair from pollution, dust, heavy metals, and product build up with this revitalizing and antioxidant mask. Detoxifying your strands and scalp from humidity, heat, and other impurities with this purifying routine. 
Davines The Circle Chronicles: The Let It Go Circle
Do you wanna build healthy hair? This mask helps let go of the tension with its sweet aromatic orange essential oils that calm the mind and Brahmi oils to energize and boost hydration on your stressed hair. It’s a versatile mask that you can alternatively use on your lengths as well. 
For Strands
Your strands are as unique as you are so targeted solutions are essential. Check out these masks for lengths and ends that work with your lifestyle in mind.
Davines The Circle Chronicles: The Spotlight Circle
Got dull looking hair? You can energize it using The Spotlight Circle mask for a vibrant shine without weighing the hair down. Infused with Morinaga oil, your locks will surely draw attention for the instant shine and healthy luster.
Davines The Circle Chronicles: The Wake-Up Circle
Wake up in the morning, feeling like a royal and feel invigorated with this energizing mask that volumizes dull hair and restores tone and hydration to the scalp. Reward yourself from an all-nighter with this hair recovery treatment for stressful situations or exposure to extreme atmospheric conditions.
Davines The Circle Chronicles: The Renaissance Circle
Renaissance is a French word meaning “rebirth” and this mask deeply nourishes dry and damaged hair. Charged with Babassu Butter and yellow clay rich in copper and iron, it revives your hair from exposure to sun, beach, pool water, heat styling and chemical treatments. Let your classy hair thrive while making it stronger and healthier inside and out.
Curious how to combine masks in one go? Here’s how
Purity and Renaissance Video Tutorial
Davines The Circle Chronicles: The Restless Circle
Feeling a bit extra or restless? Then we recommend this invisible mask that can maximize your multitasking. You can apply it during your yoga session, kitchen duties, and even at night. It gives volume and elasticity to protect your hair from mechanical breakage, such as friction with hair clips and elastics or even hair stressed by an active lifestyle.
Davines The Circle Chronicles: The Quick Fix Circle
On the contrary, if you are in a rush to have a great hair day and have just 3 minutes to regenerate your tresses, then this quick acting mask will moisturize and detangle your locks. This works great for every hair type, giving you a soft, silky and workable fix.
The masks are free from sulfates and parabens and are sustainably packaged for your convenience. Each hair mask is good for 2 or 3 uses per pack* and priced at ₱ 400 per 50ml sachet and ₱ 1,995 for 5 sachets. Have you spotted your next Korean-inspired hair care routine yet? If not, send us a message so we can help you mix and match The Circle Chronicles for tender loving care for your hair.
*Amounts may vary depending you use, hair type, thickness and length.

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