Greasy Hair? Causes and Remedies with Davines Rebalancing Line

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Greasy hair can be the result of multiple causes; it’s important to use a specific treatment. Try the new Rebalancing treatment to deeply cleanse the scalp, at home or in our salons.
Sebum is physiologically produced by the sebaceous glands, secreting organs located at the end of the hair follicles where the hair is born and grows. Sebum is essential both for building a hydrolipid layer that protects the skin from external agents, such as the sun, the cold, or bacteria, and because it promotes the scalp’s hydration. Excess quantities of sebum, however, can be irksome, not just for your appearance but also for the well-being of your scalp.

The Causes Of Greasy Hair

Washing hair
There are people whose hair is naturally drier and people whose hair is more prone to oiliness. If, however, you notice a change in your usual sebum production, you should take heed. Usually, the following common reasons are to blame for our hair becoming greasier:
  • Changes in diet
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Digestive troubles
  • Stress and nerve-related factors

A Professional Solution For Greasy Hair

Rebalancing Shampoo
For moderately greasy hair 
Specific shampoo to effectively counter sebum hyperproduction and the rebound effect that’s often associated with sebum-regulating treatments.
Reduction Of Sebum On The Scalp:
- 15% after 14 days of use (3 times a week)
-19% after 28 days of use (3 times a week)
Rebalancing Cleanser
For greasy hair
An innovative scalp cleansing treatment, it cleans effectively and counters sebum hyperproduction. It prevents the rebound effect, often associated with sebum-regulating treatments.  
Reduction Of Sebum On The Scalp:
- 10% after 14 days of use (3 times a week)
-13% after 28 days of use (3 times a week)

Natural Ingredients To Counter Greasy Hair  

Davines Rebalancing Shampoo
The Rebalancing purifying service contains a pool of active ingredients - extracts of ginger, cinnamon, and burnet - that play a key role in the regulation of sebum, thanks to their efficacious astringent properties.
  • Ginger is known for its stimulant and purifying activity.
  • Cinnamon is rich in tannins and, traditionally, has been used as a source of natural anti-bacterial substances.
  • Burnet is a flower of the Rosaceae family like the rose, apple, and strawberry, used in Chinese medicine for centuries and known for its excellent astringent properties.

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