Go Big with Liter Sized Hair Care! There’s More to Love at HairMNL

Always running out of your favorite shower essentials? Then we’ve got good news for you. We have a special selection of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments in liter sizes that fit perfectly with your pro hair care routine! Not only do you get to enjoy bigger sized hair care but you can also score extra savings. Here are our top steals you don't want to miss! 
Note: You may notice a difference in consistency between the liter size and the retail size. The liter sizes are not as condensed, for ease in pumping the product out. This still however has the same cleansing properties and effects. 

For Persistent Dandruff

Davines Purifying Shampoo
Davines | Singapore
Dandruff is a common and irritating hair concern. But regular treatments done between 3 times a week (for severe cases) to several times a month may prove to be a healthy way to manage persistent dandruff. Davines Purifying Shampoo calms itchiness while managing fungal growth on your scalp. A big bottle of this can be your lasting treatment anytime dandruff decides to rear its ugly head. 

For Damage Repair 

Aveda Botanical Repair Shampoo
Pinterest | Aveda USA
A vegan and natural bond-building treatment, it’s a perfect daily shampoo for severely damaged strands. Delicate damaged hair needs intense nourishment and this is designed for just that. It helps to cleanse hair while priming it to stay visibly healthier, shinier, and stronger. It also has a strengthening conditioner, P8,000 for added softness and nourishment.

For Hair Fall

Davines Energizing Shampoo
Pinterest | Davines Singapore
When it comes to hair fall we cannot stress enough the need for consistency. Thinning hair can be tricky so it’s important to give your scalp continuous care to maximize proper hair growth. For persistent but seasonal hair fallm consider Davines Energizing Shampoo. It helps protect fragile, thinning hair at the root while thickening hair. This shampoo mildly cleanses hair while microstimulating the scalp for faster, fuller hair growth.
AVEDA Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo Light
If you need a sulfate-free shampoo that helps relieve your scalp of gunk and build-up to promote hair growth, then this daily exfoliating shampoo is made for you. Vegan and lightweight, it helps unclog pores and gently cleanses and purifies fine hair, especially those types experiencing hair thinning/loss. 
L'Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Shampoo for Natural Hair
This clarifying shampoo helps scalps that need more density. A hypoallergenic formula, it’s suitable for sensitive skin while it bodifies the hair fiber for densified and cleansed hair. Best used in tandem with the rest of the Serioxyl line, enjoy better hair growth for natural and thin hair. If you have colored hair, you may want to get the L'Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Shampoo for Colored Hair, P2,500.

For Blonde Toning 

L'Oréal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo
After getting your hair bleached, you know by now that it fades to a brassy shade if left unloved. You’ve already invested in your hair goal, give it the best care it deserves and save yourself fewer trips to the salon with this purple toning shampoo. The deeply pigmented shampoo helps to neutralize these tones maintaining your blonde or ash color. The formula helps deliver toning results while nourishing and protecting the hair fiber, giving it a boost of shine.

For Dry Hair

L'Oréal Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Creambath (Hair Mask For Dry Hair)
Sometimes what you need is just a soothing bath and a nourishing hair spa treatment to relax you and your strands. Enriched with Water Lily, this deeply nourishing creambath intensely moisturizes your strands both inside and out while rehydrating and adding softness to your hair. 
Liter Sized Hair Care
We have more liter sizes in-store for you. If you’ve already set your eyes on your favorite hair care, you’ll save more and worry less when you shop for salon-sizes hair care. Not sure if we carry a liter size of your favorite product? Ask us! We’d be glad to help.

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