Workout From Home: Hairstyles and Post-Sweat Hair Care

Working up a sweat in our weather is an easy feat, but getting motivated to workout is less so. With the gyms closed in quarantine, you might’ve been holding your own type of WFH — workouts from home — and for that we commend you. It takes dedication to stick to a fitness routine and that is why we thought of putting together a list of workout styles to keep you undistracted by your strands. Plus, learn hair care tips you can do as you bask in that post workout glow! 


  1.   Sporty Dutch Braid with a Twist

Nothing says, “I’m ready to workout” like a boxer braid does. This sporty look remains to be one of the most loved styles with how cute and easy it is. Plus, it gets all that hair away from your face, making it the perfect style for any workout that’s intense or plenty in movement. 
This hairstyle by a Tiktok user gives your usual dutch braid or boxer braids a twist – literally. After sectioning her hair, she dutch braids both sides accordingly. But she doesn’t stop there – she ties the braids together and buns the braids. Now, you get to have two options on those braids! How cool is that?
  1.   Buns Got Braids
Buns are a classic ‘do no matter what occasion – from formal to casual. Which is why it comes as no surprise that it works as a great workout hairstyle too! Check out this simple and pretty hairstyle by one of the Tiktok users. She parts her hair to a middle section, and braids both sides’ front pieces. Once tied, she twists the braids with the hair for that section and twists it into a bun. She secures it with a bobby pin to keep the hair from falling during the workout.
  1. Twist and Turns
Not feeling all that braids? That’s okay because you can twist your hair out of it! This Tiktok user shows how braids aren’t the only ones that can make for an effective hairstyle. She begins with twisting the front piece of her hair, gradually adding more locks as she moves downward. She temporarily clips the end of the twists before moving on to the other section. She repeats what she did for the first section and secures both sections with a tie. Not only is it cute, but it’s super easy too!
  1.  Curl-Protected Style
If you’ve got curly hair, this hairstyle is just for you. This 3A curled TikTok user only used a silk tie, spiral tie, and bandana. She starts by gently pulling her curly locks into a pony with the silk tie. She proceeds with securing her tresses with a spiral tie and finishes the look with a bandana wrapped around her head, keeping the sweat away from her face while giving her a stylish look. We love how manageable this look is! Plus points that all the ties used prevents you from damaging those curls.
  1.   Dance-Proof Pony
If you’re not in the mood to work out, why not try dancing your heart and sweat out? It’s time to take your ponytail game to the next level with this dance-proof style. First, follow the direction of the center of your iris upwards. Then gather the hair to section it and tie it with an elastic band. Second, make a hole in the middle of the hair and pull the section’s ends through the hole, creating a topsy tail. Third, section the tail into two sections then pull it in separate directions to make your hair puff up.
Source: Youtube  
Once done, pull all remaining hair into a high ponytail. Tip: To spot the ideal angle on where to tie your pony, use the angle of your jaw as a reference. Then you’re done and ready to dance the night away!


When it comes to caring for your hair post-work out, we have tips and tricks to keep your hair fresh, even without washing it.
  1.   Remove all hair ties immediately
After workout, your scalp and hair must be tired too from all the bands, ties, and pins securing it in place. To give your scalp a breather, make sure to gently remove all those items from your hair.
  1.   Blow dry the sweat
We know how gross it might sound but check out this tutorial by a Tiktok user. She gently brushes her hair as she blow-dries the sweat on her tresses. She swears by this method to make your unwashed hair last  longer for another day, even without washing.
  1.  Grab a rinseless cleanser.
Yes, you read that right - rinseless cleansers do exist. These cleansers are leave-in treatments that cleanse your hair without having to wash it. Once you’ve dried your hair from sweat, massage through your scalp a few pumps of the AVEDA Foam Reset, P1,900. This product cleanses your hair from all that sweat and refreshes your scalp, and it’s even hydrating too! This cleanser is just perfect for that post-workout hair.
 AVEDA Foam Reset
  1. Use Dry Shampoo 
Another good way to care for your hair during and post workouts is to take preventive measures. This TikTok user recommends spraying dry shampoo before and after your workout to keep your hair feeling fresh. Spraying Davines Hair Refresher Dry Cleaning Mist, P1,350, before your workout absorbs the sweat while you’re working out, while giving your hair volume. When your workout is over and you’ve finished massaging the rinseless cleaner, you can give your hair a few spritz of this cleansing mist if you’re feeling like there’s any part that’s still greasy.
And there you have it! We hope that this hair tutorial makes your workout a little more fun, even if just a little bit. Tried any of the styles or tips? Tag us on social media!  If you’re looking for more tutorials like this, visit Tousled Online Magazine or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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