Calling All Parents - 5 Tips For Short Cuts For Kids Using The FreshFade 1040 Clipper

Home hair cuts are a necessary skill we’re all learning more about to be able to adapt to the times. It can be challenging, more so with the wrong set of tools. From our experience, there are no shortcuts to getting good at cutting hair at home since time and practice is the best way to learn. But luckily, there are some ways to make it a lot easier. Gaining inspiration from our hair community is one and grabbing the right cutting/trimming tools for the job is another. That is why we are so excited for this tutorial by Nikki Tiu that gets you both! 
 A lifestyle blogger and mom, Nikki Tiu has some easy-to-digest DIY content. This one especially caught our eye knowing so many parents are afraid to cut their child’s hair with a sharp pair of scissors. In this video posted on Instagram through @askmewhats a.k.a Nikki Tiu, we learn  some essential home trimming tips as she works on her son Kyle’s hair 
TIP 1: Use Clippers for General Trims
Using the JRL FreshFade 1040 Professional Clipper by Le Couleur Professionnel, P7,800, Nikki walks us through her trim tutorial. She says she loves using this clipper because it is cordless, easy to use, and has multiple comb attachments, allowing her a range of options. 
TIP 2: Even Trims with Comb Guard Attachments 
As mentioned in the video, we too recommend that if you are new to clipping hair, it is best to start by easily snapping on a clipping guard comb like a 12mm, 9mm, or 6mm, so that you can go at it slowly and easily. The lower the size of the guard the closer the trim. She says, “Once you get more comfortable you can flip the attachment comb to 3mm,” offering a closer cut or even forgo the attachment altogether. But rest assured even the most experienced barbers, still use brush attachments to make even cuts.  You can also opt to shape the hair with multiple guard lengths to create a softer fade. 
Lower part of headHair trimming
TIP 3:  Start at The Lowest Speed Setting
Now to the cutting, we agree with Nikki that when trimming hair, it is best to go at it slowly, starting at the bottom back and sides working your way up as she did in the video. It’s good to also note here that with the FreshFade, she can control the blade speed setting, allowing for her to pace her cuts. If you’re new or simply getting the hang of using a FreshFade clipper, this option makes it easier to find the setting speed that works for you.
SALON PRO TIP: If you do plan to cut hair at home, consider covering the neck and shoulders with a salon cape, or a towel. It should make clean-up easier and avoid pesky short strands from irritating your child’s sensitive skin. 
TIP 4: Get a Clipper with A Cooling System

It’s worth mentioning that this video was speeded up, so you can actually go about this a lot slower. If you get your little one to sit still for 15-20 minutes while you perfect his hair, then we would recommend you get a clipper that has a built-in cooling function like JRL FreshFade. Constant use can make shifting blades heat up, causing uncomfortable cuts. Still, as a necessary precaution, watch out that your blades stay cool throughout the trim. 
Cutting kids hair using scissor
TIP 5: Using Scissors for Precision Styling
 is an optional step, one that you can eventually gain the confidence to do, especially on someone else’s hair. Although, with the right training, a clipper can do a lot of different hairstyles, but if you are planning on going beyond the standard buzz cut, then use a comb to guide your scissors.
There you have it, some quick tips for cutting your little one's hair at home. 
With the JRL FreshFade 1040 Professional Clipper, home hair cuts can be done easily and safely. 
As always, when we feature DIY’s like this, it’s good to remind you in general a salon professional will still likely produce better results. But we understand that these are challenging times, calling for different measures. So if you need more personalized advice with cutting, and other hair needs, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re the pros and we are here for you. Chat with our experts here.

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