5 Easy Hairstyles for Your Next Holiday Party

It’s hard to find the best ideas for hairstyles this holiday season. But with all the photo opportunities that come with every event, looking put together is essential. So we’ve created some delightful styles that are sure to make your season bright, plus offer up a step by step guide with the right tools to make it easy.
# 1 Elegant Messy Bun 
Elegant Messy Bun
One of the understated but easily achievable looks you can try this season is an elegant messy bun. A classic for a reason, it really elevates your style. Admittedly it is certainly more of a formal look, but if you’re headed for a Christmas party event for work or even a wedding, we totally recommend you try this.
How to do it?
Step1 of Elegant Messy Bun Step 2 of Elegant Messy Bun Step 3 of Elegant Messy Bun
FIRST: Part your hair into three sections. Securing the center partition by looping an elastic band through a hairpin. Loosely twist the hair onto itself, pinning it in place. 
THEN: Lightly spray your hair with L'Oreal Tecni.Art Fix Anti-Frizz Spray,  ₱ 750. It helps to tame flyaways and keep hair in place. Gather one of the remaining partitions and, starting from the bottom, loop this around the bun, and secure with pins. Do the same on the other side, adding hairspray as needed. 
FINALLY: Now that your bun is secure and full of heft, thanks to your hairspray, time to smoothen out any wayward strands. Use L'Oreal Tecni.Art Savage Panache, ₱ 930. A dry touch texturising powder spray,  it adds grip and texture to enhance any hairstyle. Put some on your palm or on a  fine tooth comb and work your way from the front to the base of you bun. VOILA! Audrey Hepburn goals achieved.
PRO TIP: For even greater volume and a bigger bun try curling your hair with a curling wand first. 
L'Oreal Tecni.Art Fix Anti-Frizz SprayL'Oreal Tecni.Art Savage Panache
#2 Big Bouncy Bobs
Big Bouncy Bob
Sometimes all you really need to complete a holiday look is to add more body - and by that, we mean volume, lots of it. If all you want for Christmas is beautiful bouncy bobs then this look is for you. Get ready for a big blow out. 
Step 1 of Big Bouncy BobStep 2 of Big Bouncy BobStep 3 of Big Bouncy Bob
FIRST: On towel-dried hair liberally spray Thermo Heat protector  L'Oreal Tecni.Art Pli Heat Protecting Spray, ₱ 930. A heat-activated spray and styling primer it keeps hair protected from heat styling without weighing your hair down for a disciplined yet soft to the touch finish. 
THEN: To create volume, start by spreading a mandarin-size amount of volumizing mousse onto damp hair with your fingers. We recommend L'Oreal Tecni.Art Full Volume Extra Mousse, ₱ 750. Meant for big hair, it has a stronghold without weighing your hair down. Plus it works wonders on blow outlooks.
Finally: Begin blow drying your hair starting from the roots, working your hair upward. To add even more volume change up your usual hair partition to the opposite side or use a large ceramic barrel brush to really get maximum volume.  This will add more lift to your roots creating fuller-looking hair. After that, give your hair a nice little toss-up every now and then to keep the style looking fresh. 
Thermo Heat protector  L'Oreal Tecni.Art Pli Heat Protecting SprayL'Oreal Tecni.Art Full Volume Extra Mousse
#3 Romantic Soft Curls 
Romantic Soft Curls
Holiday date night might be in your plans, so we’ve included a sweet little look that you can do in a snap. Soft, smooth yet bouncy curls are easy and romantic. Follow these steps and they’ll last the night away. 
Step 1 of Romantic Soft CurlsStep 2 of Romantic Soft CurlsStep 3 of Romantic Soft Curls
FIRST: On towel-dried hair, apply Davines Liquid Spell, ₱ 1,950. A magical liquid-to-foam styling product, spread it lightly between your palms and apply only to the lengths and ends of the hair. Meant to protect hair from heat styling while adding body and volume, it helps create soft smooth curls when you use a curling wand.
THEN: Dry hair thoroughly with a blow dryer. To get a more professional look we recommend using pro styling tools like Gamma Piu Active Oxygen Hair Dryer*, ₱ 9,500. Made in Italy,  it’s arguably one of the best of its kind in the market with its lightweight balanced design that makes it easy to maneuver.  The kind of mobility you need when you’re styling yourself. 
Finally: Part hair in 1.5-inch sections and curl hair at an angle, working your way from the lowest sections to the very top. We recommend a 1 ½ inch curling wand for this look. Option to clip one side for a more romantic flair. 
Davines Liquid SpellGamma Piu Active Oxygen Hair Dryer
#4 Cosy Twist Waves
Cosy Twist Waves
A little texture goes a long way in creating a well put together look. For those who want a fun style that frames the face nicely, then the textured twist waves are sure to be a major hit. Plus it’s really easy to create.
Step 1 of Cosy Twist WavesStep 2 of Cosy Twist WavesStep 3 of Cosy Twist Waves
FIRST: Part your hair into 1-inch sections and use a curling wand to begin curling your hair outward. For twist waves, wrap the hair only once (for short hair) and twice (for medium to long hair), prioritizing length of the hair as you wrap it around the wand. Leave the ends uncurled and do not comb just yet. 
THEN: Spray on some  Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray: For Full-Bodied, Beachy Looks, ₱ 1,350. Specially formulated for tousled looks like beach waves, it has a smooth shiny finish but with softness, body, and texture. Spray liberally on hair. Using your hands, you can now comb the curls to loosen them.
FINALLY: Add more natural volume to your roots by sprinkling some L'Oreal Tecni.Art Super Dust Volumizing Powder, ₱ 750.  A great tool to have for its bodyfying effect, work the dust against the direction of your roots with your fingertips to fluff the hair for a more fuller effect. Apply to your hand for more localized application in harder to reach sections. 
Davines This is a Sea Salt SprayL'Oreal Tecni.Art Super Dust Volumizing Powder
#5. Wistful Glam Curls 
Wistful Glam Curls
If you are ready for a bit of a challenge then glam curls are a neat technique that’s worth learning. Unlike soft curls or beach waves that generally works in any direction, for this holiday look a bit of strategic curling makes all the difference.  
Step 1 of Wistful Glam CurlsStep 2 of Wistful Glam CurlsStep 3 of Wistful Glam Curls
FIRST: On wet hair generously apply L'Oreal Tecni.Art Full Volume Extra Mousse, ₱ 750. Able to add volume to lengths and ends of your hair, start applying the product about two-inch away from the roots. Make sure to comb the product throughout your hair, and blow-dry completely. For added volume part your hair in the opposite direction. 
THEN: Section your hair into 1 ½ inch parts and loop each tightly around your curling wand, making sure to curl all the way to the ends in the same outward direction. Your hair will look like Goldilocks curls at first but if you hang on till the end. You’ll see it’s worth it. 
FINALLY:  Now that all your hair is fully curled, using your hands or a paddle brush comb your hair to loosen it. To make sure the look lasts all throughout your holiday party, spray generously with Davines This is an Extra Strong Hairspray, ₱ 1,295. As a finishing touch, you have the option to lob a front puff, securing it in place with a pin. 
Pro Tip: Use the rounded length of your hair spray bottle to align your curls. 
L'Oreal Tecni.Art Full Volume Extra MousseDavines This is an Extra Strong Hairspray
All these styles with the right tools to match will certainly make your holidays merry and bright. So time to get ready. Tell us which style you’d like to try out first. Better still if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, or would like pros to teach you how visit our salon at HairMNL Studio in Brixton St. Kapitolyo Pasig. Our doors are open to style you for the holidays. Book our featured looks today by calling 0908 -897-7364 | 0917-790-4455 | 02-7978-1788
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