Out with the Old, In with the New! 5 Ideas to Make A Hair Transformation

Nothing’s better than styling your hair the same way every single day – you know you’ll rock the hairstyle, you’ve mastered it, and you can style it quicker than before. But, at some point, the hairstyle will feel, and possibly even look, boring for you! Once your hair routine has become a repetitive cycle of you washing your hair, blow-drying it, and ironing it, then you might be stuck in a hair slump. 

A hair slump? It’s when you wear the same hairstyle every day for the past few years and you still can’t find it in yourself to think of other hairstyles or looks to make a change. Well, same old ‘do? No can do! If you’re ready to switch things up for your hair, then read on to get 5 ideas on how you can make a hair transformation to get out of that hair slump!

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Explore Heat Styling Tools

Heat styling tools include hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow-dryers – and they have many variations. You can choose from different-sized curling iron barrels and even use a hair diffuser for your natural curls! The point is – there are many heat styling tools out there. So if you’ve stuck to only one tool for your entire life, then this is your sign to buy and use something else!

Our recommendation is the Tuft Diamond Curl Bar Iron (₱ 5,400) – a versatile tool that can either straighten or curl your hair, which is perfect for switching up your hairstyles! It is beginner-friendly, light, and safe to use. Watch this quick video to see how you can use this tool:



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Play around with Hair Textures

Have you always been a ‘straight hair’ type of person? Then try to add some waves or curls to your hair. Have you always been a ‘wavy or curly hair’ type of person? Then try to straighten out your hair. Playing with different hair textures creates a difference if you’ve been wearing the same hair texture for months or even years! 

Spraying on hair

Kiss your straight hair goodbye, and add some bends or curls to your hair to make that hair transformation. Spray the L'Oreal Tecni.Art Savage Panache (₱ 930) all over your hair and tousle it up to give yourself a more texturized hairstyle!

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Wear Your Hair Up or Down

Updos can be dressed down to be worn casually! So go ahead and wear your hair up (or down), it doesn’t really matter as long as you try out different hairstyles. Try wearing braids, and if you feel a little extra, tie your hair up into a bun! Once you untie your bun and brush out your braids, you can end up with curls that you can wear for the following day. Hitting two birds with one stone with this hair transformation idea? Convenient and amazing! 

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Color Your Hair

Switching up the color of your hair might be the most drastic change you can do to your locks, but a bold move like this may call for a bold hair color! You can choose between so much colors – dark browns, bright blondes, muted pinks, vibrant blues, and a whole lot more! You don’t need a vibrant color to make a hair transformation, you can simply choose any brown shade and it will still completely change your look! You can book an appointment at HairMNL Studio so you can consult with a professional hairstylist and make this hair transformation come to life!

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Accessorize It

If you need to make a quick change to your hairstyle, then using different accessories would help! There’s so much to choose from – you have hairpins, hats, clips, and headbands. With this type of hair transformation, it can feel like you didn’t really do anything… just adding some ‘pieces of jewelry’ to your strands and it still changes up your look!

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Now that you’ve got some ideas on how you can switch up your hair look, you can try them out soon and say, “Out with the old, in with the new!”. Do you have any hair concerns or questions? Send our HairMNL experts a message and ask away so they can give you a hair consultation for FREE.

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