Quarantine Haircare Tips Straight from the Pros

For some of us, there is no better therapy than to sit in our hairstylist's chair and let our worries be combed away. With the quarantine still in place, we are missing that invaluable time spent on ourselves at the salon. But the good thing is, your favorite hair care professionals are still out there with some advice to share on our most urgent hair care questions. From cutting your hair at home to the best methods to care for your locks, to choosing the right hair color for that much-needed root retouch, find out what hair stylists recommend you to do while at home. 

Should I try a DIY haircut at home? 

When we see damaged hair or locks out of place, the fastest and easiest solution we can think of is to simply cut it off. But as we’re unable to head to a salon, is cutting your own hair a good alternative? Professional hairstylist Mark Rosales, the creative director of Marqed Salon, has worked with many celebrities like Lovie Poe and Kisses Delavin. For him, the solution doesn’t always start with a cut. A step away from his light and lovable demeanor, he makes an impassioned request for everyone under quarantine not to cut their own hair in this video. He makes the dangers of using tools not designed to cut hair very clear. He says “office and kitchen scissors aren’t made to cut your hair” adding “it can only create split ends.” Instead, he suggests spending this time at home giving your hair a series of hair care treatments, and offers tutorials for you to try as well.

For more hair inspiration visit Mark Rosales check out his Instagram @MarkAnthonyRosales.

What can I do at home for my dull, damaged, and frizzy hair?

For many who are accustomed to their regular treatments at the salon, being away this long can take its toll on your strands. The added stress of the quarantine doesn’t help either. But acclaimed celebrity stylist Joe Almakdesi, the creative director and color specialist at Basement Salon, offers some comforting practical advice. He says, “Just look at the whole picture. If it’s dry, get something for dry hair just to put back the moisture and the proteins [into] your hair… and bring back the shine” He also suggests we focus on stimulating the scalp by simply combing it regularly, encouraging blood circulation and healthier hair growth. For those like him with curly and frizzy hair, he offers a quick solution. Get  a small amount of hair mousse, apply it on your damp curls just enough to hold in the moisture making it manageable as you go about your day. Finally, for those with dull damaged hair, Joe advocates for home hair treatments while you wait to be reunited with your hair care professional. Treatments can help bring back the healthy shine to your hair. Plus it makes your growing hair manageable without having to resort to cutting it yourself.
For more inspired styles follow him on Instagram at @glow_by_joe.
What do I do if my roots are visibly showing?
Nothing says time has passed like white hairs shooting from grown-out roots. But all is not lost. For Bryan Resureccion of HairMNL Studio, he offers some practical advice for those in need of a touch-up. If you are planning to color your own roots he advises you to “avoid products with henna or metallic salts in the ingredients as the results could look uneven in the long run.” He also stresses the need to choose the right color hue and temperature encouraging you “not to choose dark brown or black shades as these would be hard to lighten in case you choose to get highlights or a lighter shade in the future.” Finally, if you are getting a root touch-up have someone help you apply the products evenly on the regrowth, sectioning accordingly and allowing it to stay on your hair for a majority of the time as compared to your already colored lengths and ends. 
We understand that hair care can be a struggle at home. Luckily your hair care professionals are still here offering advice while we wait to be reunited again.  Plus we are still here for you. For all your hair treatments, professional hair colors, and all your hair hygiene essentials, you can count on HairMNL.com to be ready to deliver. Browse through our selections and feel free to message us about any questions you may have. 

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