5 Surprising Reasons Your Hair Won’t Grow

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Why won’t my hair grow?

Long hair is the ultimate beauty goal... at least, it is for some! But, sometimes, the journey to long hair never seems to be a success. Our strands get to a certain point and stop growing. Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch every month: that means the average person's hair grows only about 6 inches every year. It takes a little patience, but you can encourage your hair to grow longer and stronger. If you’re dealing with thinning hair, hair loss, hair breakage, or you just want longer hair; we’re talking hair growth ahead. We’ve rounded up the best hair care products, treatments, and tips to help your hair grow longer, faster.
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5 Reasons your hair won't grow

(1) Genetics 

You might be surprised to learn that your hair doesn’t actually stop growing at a certain length, it stops growing at the end of your hair growth cycle. Your hair’s growth phase is determined by your genetics and can last anywhere between two and six years. So once the hair reaches the end of its growth cycle, it stops growing and will either break off or shed.

(2) Age

Your age also affects your hair growth because your cycle becomes shorter the older you get. Your beginning six-year cycle slowly reduces to a two-year cycle, making your hair thinner and less likely to grow. In addition, as you age your scalp produces less oil leading to dryer hair that’s more prone to split ends and breakage. 

(3) Shedding

Shedding is a natural part of the hair growth process and it happens to everyone (even the ones with really good hair). But if your hair falls out faster than it can regrow, then shedding can be the reason you can’t get your strands past a certain point.

(4) Stress

Stress is another reason your hair might not be growing. Both emotional and physical stress is linked to hair loss because it restricts the growth cycle. Finding ways to de-stress improves your mental health, as well as the health of your hair. Things like meditation, exercise, and doing a hair mask while binging Netflix are all good ways to relax and eliminate stress.

(5) Hair breakage

Breakage is one of the most common causes behind your hair not growing. Having a poor hair care routine can end up doing more bad than good for your hair. Use only natural and sustainably-sourced products like Davines’ products for hair breakage
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The best hair tips for hair growth

These tips and hacks will help you gain length fast.

Brush your hair before you wash it

Brushing your strands while they’re wet and at their most vulnerable will result in breakage and split ends. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair completely before showering. Start at your ends while gently and slowly working your way up. 

Use cool water when you wash your hair

Hot water dehydrates your hair causing brittle, broken strands. Keep the heat to lukewarm and wash gently with a sulfate-free shampoo like the Davines Energizing Shampoo for thin hair to stimulate hair growth. Follow up with a conditioner and finish with a blast of cold water to seal your hair cuticles, and make your hair shiny and smooth.

Keep your hair hydrated

Every time you shampoo your hair, you must condition it. Davines’ vegan conditioner for damaged hair deeply moisturizes damaged strands and reinforces the structure of your hair. Focus on the mid-shaft and ends of your hair and let the conditioner sit for a few minutes. 

Protect your hair when heat styling

Think of using a heat protectant before using hot tools, the same way you would use sunscreen before going in the sun. A heat protecting hair product coats the strands, forming a barrier between your hair and the stress of the heat; just be sure to use the right temperature when heat styling your hair. Finer or thinning hair is more susceptible to damage, so try to use a lower temperature when using heat.

Use a hair treatment

The Davines Energizing line was designed to fight and protect against hair loss and hair thinning. All the products in the line stimulate hair growth while reinforcing weak hair to prevent future breakage. Apply the treatment gel for thinning hair directly to the scalp after washing and conditioning your hair. Do not rinse out.

Final thoughts on how to make hair grow

You can encourage your strands to grow longer and stronger with Davines’ products, tips, and treatments. The Davines line of hair care products aren’t just good for your hair, they’re good for the planet. All of its formulas use natural ingredients and are made with renewable energy and packaging minimizing the environmental impact. If you’re wondering why you can’t get your length past a certain point, it’s time to take some action. Change up your habits and update your products, and you’ll gain length you never thought was possible. Your new long hair look awaits!

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