Uncover the Perfect Beauty Gifts: Top L'Oreal Professionnel Holiday Sets from HairMNL

The holiday season is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation through thoughtful gifts. And what better way to delight the beauty enthusiasts in your life than with L'Oreal Professionnel exclusive holiday sets available at HairMNL? Renowned for merging scientific innovation with luxurious hair care, L'Oreal Professionnel offers a range of sets designed to address various hair needs. From revitalizing damaged hair to enhancing hair density, these sets are carefully curated to provide a complete hair care experience. This year, make your holiday gifts memorable with these exquisite sets that promise beauty, care, and transformation.


Top L'Oreal Professionnel Gift Sets for the Holidays

Serie Expert Absolut Repair Holiday Gift Set with FREE Full-Sized Shampoo - Php 2,250 (save Php 1,090)


L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Holiday Gift Set with FREE Full-Sized Absolut Repair Shampoo 300ml - HairMNL


This premium set is an absolute must for those looking to revive and rejuvenate damaged hair. It features the best-selling Absolut Repair Masque 250ml which is infused with Gold Quinoa and Protein, and the Metal Detox Shampoo 100ml which gently detoxifies hair from metal particles after lightening or coloring service.

This powerful combination targets the core of hair fibers to significantly reduce surface damage, resulting in hair that's softer, shinier, and more resilient. Ideal for individuals with over-processed hair from coloring or heat styling, this set not only repairs but also revitalizes hair, giving it a healthy, salon-finish look. The additional free full-sized Absolut Repair Shampoo 300ml worth Php 1,090 included in this set makes it a generous and practical gift, ensuring lasting hair care benefits.

Serioxyl Advanced Holiday Gift Set with FREE Full-Sized Shampoo - Php 3,500 (save Php 1,090)


L'Oréal Serioxyl Advanced Holiday Gift Set FREE Full-Sized Serioxyl Advanced Shampoo 300ml - HairMNL


Tailored for those concerned with thinning hair, this set is a breakthrough in improving hair density. The Serioxyl Advanced Denser Hair Serum 90ml, coupled with the Serioxyl Advanced Densifying Shampoo 300ml / 100ml, utilizes Stemoxydine and Resveratrol to stimulate hair growth and enhance hair thickness. Regular use of this set can transform the appearance of the hair, making it look fuller and more voluminous. The set's holistic approach to hair density makes it an ideal gift for anyone looking to boost their hair's body and fullness, providing visible results with continuous use.

Serie Expert Metal Detox Duo Moon Capsule Holiday Gift Set - P2,464 (20% off) 

L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Metal Detox Duo Moon Capsule Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set - HairMNL

This innovative set is specially designed for those facing the challenge of metal accumulation in hair fibers – a common issue in areas with hard water. The Metal Detox Shampoo and Masque work synergistically to neutralize metal particles, thereby reducing the risk of breakage and ensuring color longevity. It's an essential set for anyone with color-treated hair, as it helps maintain the vibrancy and health of the hair. The unique moon capsule packaging adds a festive and luxurious touch, making it an attractive and practical holiday gift choice.

Tips on Choosing the Right L'Oreal Professionnel Gift Set 

When selecting a L'Oreal Professionnel gift set from HairMNL, consider the specific hair concerns and preferences of the recipient. Is their hair prone to damage due to styling or environmental factors? Are they struggling with hair thinning and seeking a solution to boost density? Or perhaps they are looking for products to maintain the health and color of their treated hair? Understanding these nuances will help you choose a gift set that resonates with their personal hair care journey. A well-chosen set not only addresses their hair needs but also shows your thoughtfulness and attention to their personal care routine.

Top L'Oreal Professionnel Holiday Sets from HairMNL

Gifting L'Oreal Professionnel holiday sets from HairMNL is an opportunity to offer more than just a present – it's a chance to provide a luxurious and transformative hair care experience. These exclusive sets cater to various hair needs, making them perfect for anyone looking to enhance their hair care routine. This holiday season, choose from these exquisite sets at HairMNL and bring joy, beauty, and care to your loved ones.

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