The F2F Class Hair Routine For Your 2022 Glow-Up!

After more than two years of sitting in front of our screens, it’ll be hard to shake off pandemic habits and return to your usual hair care routine. Now that onsite classes are returning, it’s about time to get rid of your bed head and make your big comeback by maintaining healthy, strong, and frizz-free hair. Get that glow-up with this easy hair care guide for your 2022 classes. We’re here to help you get ready to flaunt your looks and walk with that HairMNL confidence!
face to face hair styles
Running to school late or jumping from campus to campus is a typical student habit. In fact, you might be the expert at it! But making your hair catch up to the pressure can be difficult without the right hair routine, and much more if you don’t choose to shower in the morning for that extra me-time or that extra snooze-time. And we totally get you; that’s why using the AVEDA Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher 200ml, P1,880, is a need. It instantly cleanses your scalp and refreshes the natural texture of your curls, waves, or straight hair. This liquid mist is the answer to getting that clean-girl look amidst the humid Philippine weather. 
showerAveda rinseless refresh micellar hair
Fancy taking long showers that jumpstart your day? Finish it off with the Davines This is an Invisible Serum: For Satiny Tousled Looks, P1,250 to tame that frizz and give you that satin satisfaction! This leave-in serum adds shine and can last long throughout your daily school adventures.
Davines this is an invisible serum
After you’ve made it through that long tiring day, hair care doesn’t stop.
When you come home from school, your scalp isn’t at its best, and your hair might feel dry or oily from all your extracurriculars. We know you just want to relax, and pampering yourself also means treating your hair!
The Davines The Circle Chronicles: The Let It Go Circle (Set of 3), P1,200, is here to give you instant results that touch the ends of your strands to the roots in your scalp. This versatile scalp mask is applied to your damp hair after shampooing and can make your hair hydrated and soft. But most importantly, it has a relaxing scent and anti-stress action. It’s a one-way ticket that says goodbye to your stressed tresses! 
davines the circle chronicles
Heads up: odor can stick to your hair after a full day of moving from one classroom to another. For that extra sensorial treat, check our product collection of hair perfumes here.
When nighttime comes, and all you want to do is fall into a deep slumber, take one more step before you hit the sack. Applying a night serum is the secret remedy to keeping your hair healthy while you travel to dreamland. 
Try the Kérastase Nutritive 8-Hour Magic Night Serum 90ml, P2,950, an overnight leave-in serum that nourishes your dry hair. Your hair progressively absorbs the serum's nutrients to reverse daytime depletion, and you’ll wake up to visibly softer hair with a lightweight finish. And if you have curly hair, it defines your locks even more! 
Kerastase nutitive 8-hour magic serum
Being your best self and wearing your best hair is a form of self-love -- and that’s the only glow-up you need this back-to-school season. However your daily routine looks like or whatever hair type you have, make sure to check out HairMNL for products that suit your unique need. 
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