Your Nose Knows: The HairMNL Guide to the Finest Fragrant Hair Care 

With quarantine likely to continue in the foreseeable future, we all have made adjustments to our routines, including the way we shop. Getting what you need has never been easier with online shopping, but there is one thing it can’t give you: the personal experience of being able to smell the product from across the screen. We understand that scents are important to you when considering hair care products, which is why we’ve put together a guide to help you recognize the different scents to better identify which one best suits you. 
What is the Fragrance Wheel?
In the beauty & cosmetic industry, the Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel is often the currency help standard for identifying aromas and artificial fragrances. Much like the color wheel, there are different groups of scents or families. These scent families feature a prominent, most familiar fragrance. Each family has subgroups where the range of scent families is then blended with the other. 
 Fragrance Wheel
What Are the Scent Families and Subfamilies?
There are four scent families in the wheel: fresh notes, floral notes, oriental or amber notes, and woody notes. In this way, it’s easier for you to pinpoint a scent based on a wide and general experience. 
For a little fun, let’s pretend you’re a professional perfumer. Get your favorite hair care, perfume, oil-infused or scented beauty product, and let’s put your nose to the test as we sample through each scent family. 
Fresh notes are best characterized with clean and energizing scents, such as the smell of fresh air, citrus notes, tropical fruits, and freshly cut grass with floral notes.
Just like its given name, Aromatic scent is distinguished for the aroma of herbs, such as peppermint. If you want a soothing and cooling aroma that can give you instant relaxation, check out the Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo, P1,200. With the blend of rosemary, peppermint, and spearmint, it’s sure to wash away that fatigue or anxiety.
Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo
Channel yourself to an early summer morning with the fresh, green scent of Aveda Botanical Repair Light Strengthening Kit, P6,700. The macro green blend with coconut, avocado, green tea, and sacha inchi seed oil will surely leave you feeling refreshed while nourishing your hair for stronger, healthier tresses.
Aveda Botanical Repair Light Strengthening Kit
Want to smell like you just stepped out of the shower all day long? Check Kérastase's Elixir Ultime Hair Oil for Colored Hair, P2,600, which has a fresh scent with floral notes. Infused with a blend of ingredients, such as Imperial Tea Extract, Bergamot, and Damas Rose, this beautifying oil smoothes and nourishes colored hair for a vibrant shine.
Kérastase's Elixir Ultime Hair Oil for Colored Hair
When you hear the word floral, does the scent give you a pinkish color image and a certain scent in your mind? If yes, we wouldn’t be surprised! Floral notes are quite common amongst women’s products, whether in perfumes or hair care.
Source: Pixabay/Pexels
A floral scent makes you feel like you’re walking in a path full of roses and gives delicate, soft, and powdery notes. If that’s the scent you’re feeling, then you can try Kerastase Chromatique for a sophisticated, floral fragrance.
Kerastase Chromatique
Floral but sensual? It’s possible with the blend of floral and amber scents. Spritzing on that fragrance leaves you feeling instantly feminine, sexy, and mysterious. So if that’s the vibe you’re going for, the Balmain Silk Perfume, P2,900, might just be for you with its complex woody, floral scent.
 Balmain Silk Perfume
Source: balmainhaircouture/Instagram
Oriental or Amber notes are known for their spicy, warm, and rich scents formed by unique ingredients – spices and herbs. The scent is seductive and rich; its blend is something akin to exotic. 
Want to warm yourself up in the cool -ber months with a cup of hot cocoa? Well, you can feel like Christmas all-year round with the Aveda Nutriplenish. Infused with cocoa, ginger, and cardamom, this spicy, sweet aroma is a sip of Christmas just for your hair.
Aveda Nutriplenish
The unique scent of woody notes is often linked to a heavy, earthy musk note. The scent tends to be crisp and dry. The name “woody” is quite fitting as the aromatic fragrance is inspired by scents you’d smell in nature.
Some best examples of this rich scent are sandalwood and pine. Dry woods give a warm, smoky fragrance with a hint of leather. If you’re searching to surround yourself in a warm, sweet scent, check out the Davines OI Total OI Beauty Set, P2,200. The Roucou oil infused across the range will give you a light musky scent, making you feel like you’re in a candle-lit outdoor spa. 
Davines OI Total OI Beauty Set
Moss woods has a sweeter tinge to it - the core woody scent mixed with the amber aroma notes gives you an earthy sensorial feel. For a woody, musky scent that’s sensual with a subtle musk kick, give the Kerastase Chronologiste Parfum Hair Oil, P2,950, a shot. 
Kerastase Chronologiste Parfum Hair Oil
We hope that this guide can help you narrow down the scent that you prefer - even with a screen serving as a barrier to your sense of smell. If you’re unsure of our products’ scent and need to know more about it, feel free to message us.
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