Make Your Balayage Last Longer - Top Salon Secrets You Can Do At Home

Among all the hair color styles out there, balayage remains one of the most sought-after hair trends, and for a good reason. When done correctly, the style is meant to last, giving you that lived-in chic look even as your hair grows. But that doesn’t mean that the balayage is as simple as wash and wear style. Like any work of art, it needs regular care to ensure it lasts longer and looks brassy-free between salon visits. Here’s how you can extend the gorgeous life of your favorite hairstyle.

What is a balayage?

A balayage is a French word that translates roughly "to sweep" or "to paint. So technically speaking, a balayage isn’t a hair color or style. It is a hand painting technique used by hair stylists to transition one hair color gradually to another. Usually, the color closer to the roots is darker (if not your natural hair color) while the lengths graduate in density towards lighter shades with the ends completely a lighter shade. The result is a youthful, sun-kissed hair color style, that grows out well. 
Black natural hair to balayage
Not ready to bleach all your hair? See more alternatives to going blonde here. 

How to Care for Balayage Hair

Get a Sulfate-free Color Protection Shampoo

Balayage hair
The right shampoo is really your first defense. On average, a Filipina washes her hair twice a day but harsh cleansers will strip your balayage of color causing early fading and even dry damage. We recommend including a color-safe cleanser like Kérastase Chroma Absolu Shampoo: Bain Riche Chroma Respect, P1,750. This sulfate-free shampoo is designed for sensitized color-treated hair, including your balayage, and will help to lock in color as it nourishes with every wash. 

Neutralize Brassiness

Brown natural hair to balayage
Likely your stylist will need to bleach or pre-lighten your hair before they add in a complementing color shade. But over time (and depending on your hair habits), the color will fade, and reveal the hair’s natural brassy tone. This unflattering and often uneven yellow tinge can be neutralized with a purple shampoo. 
For strong pigments with close to salon-quality toning, try Kérastase Blonde Absolu Shampoo, P1750, that has strong neutralizing agents to instantly remove brassiness and yellow undertones. You can also try L’Oréal Pro Silver Shampoo, P850, which has a neutralizing system, enriched with magnesium and anti-yellowing agents to counteract unwanted brassy tones. 

Nourish Your Strands Regularly

Big curls balayage
A balayage looks its best when it is moisturized, tangle-free, and luscious.Nourishing hair means infusing oils and vitamins into the strands so that not only look their best but feel healthy. Try the sulfate-free Davines NOUNOU Mask: Nourishing Repairing Mask for Highly Processed or Brittle Hair, P1,710. This deeply nourishing treatment helps to moisturize and untangle hair. Enriched with Vitamin E, its anti-oxidant action leaves hair full-bodied, hydrated, and softer. 

Protect it from Further Damage

Long balayage
Lifting hair color comes at a cost. Hair damage during a balayage treatment will likely make strands feel thinner, brittle, and prone to breakage, especially at the tips where it’s furthest from the natural oils that can help protect them. Not to worry, we’ve come a long way in reviving hair with bond builders designed to lend strength to your strands. Try AVEDA Botanical Repair™ Intensive Strengthening Masque: Rich, P3,200, a vegan and natural bond builder made from butter and plant lipids that intensely repairs and strengthens hair instantly, leaving it visibly healthier.
With these 4 pro tips from us, you can expect to enjoy your balayage for longer between salon visits. 
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