Zendaya’s 2021 Hair Styles Prove Hair is The Best Accessory

2021 has been a good year for Zendaya’s style, with tons of hair inspos from the red carpet, magazine covers and just everyday street styles. There is so much hair inspiration to gather up and treasure that we thought it best to time capsule these before the year ends. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites.
Slick Back Coiffed Hair
Slick Back Coiffed HairZendaya's Hair Style
At just 24 years old Zendaya has so many strong looks. Let start off with one her boldest choices at the London premier of Dune. Created by Celebrity stylist Antoinette, this carefully moulded coiffed and slick back corn-rows add elegance to the sci-fi inspired ensemble. 
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Goddess Hair
Goddess HairGoddess Hair Zendaya
With her tower statuesque physique, it’s not difficult to imagine Zendaya a model to rival any on the red carpet, but here we see just how effortlessly it comes together at the 2021 Venice Film Festival. Her hair wet and natural over a figure fitting Balmain gown, the best thing about her long locks is how carefully crafted her face framing locks. 
Au Naturale 
Au Naturale Au Naturale Zendaya
Amid all the styling, Zendaya actually has long natural curly hair and even though she’s not afraid to sport it straight, we love it when she embraces her waves. In the 93rd Academy Awards, she let her hair down and feather light with soft defined textured beach waves against her breezy lemon yellow gown.
Did you know: Zendaya has recently spoken up about her experience as a Disney channel child star. Sharing on PeopleStyle, “I’ve experienced hair nightmares…On the first season of the Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, heat-styling destroyed my hair. I was only 14 years old, and I didn’t know how to protect my hair, so it took over two years to grow it back, which really sucked!”
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60’s Flipout High Pony
60’s Flipout High Pony60’s Flipout High Pony Zendaya
With her sweeping bangs and high wrapped ponytail, Zendaya’s Space Jam Premier look remains high fashion yet natural. Bodied with flipped out at the ends, this style is fun and bouncy.
Jumbo Box Braids
Jumbo Box BraidsJumbo Box Braids Zendaya
Do you miss your chunky grade school braids? Well Zendaya has proven that these plaits are totally high fashion. These box braids are so clean and well defined you can even see the highlights on it.
Cropped ‘Fro Bangs
Cropped ‘Fro Bangs
The Dune premiers are admittedly a gift that keeps on giving. In another showstopping look, Zendaya’s sports a coily afro ‘do, with short crop bangs, balancing the tuft of fur in her pencil cut deep purple ensemble.  
Wispy Blown Out Waves
Wispy Blown Out WavesZendaya Wispy Blown Out Waves
For a more relaxed style, we love Zendaya’s face framing bangs and relaxed and undefined lengths. The softly waves at the ends are a stunning addition to add more depth to her light brunette hair color. 
Red Carpet Cornrows
Red Carpet CornrowsZendaya Red Carpet Cornrows
Finally, the last look for the list (though likely not for the year). Zendaya’s Spiderman: No Way Home premier hairstyle was a gorgeous set of cornrows that matched her stunning web designed gown. Elegant yet fun, it fits the occasion perfectly. Even Tom Holland seems to agree. 
Zendaya has proved it. Most of her style choices use minimal accessories, if at all, who needs them when you already have great hair, right? Tell us which looks did you like best! Did we miss something? Let us know your fave 2021 Zendaya hairstyles. 
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