Convenient Ways To Pay Online

Online shopping should be a breeze, that’s why we have a wide selection of payment methods to choose from. If you prefer to settle your order through online banking or via your mobile app then you’ll be glad to know we are working with the most trusted payment portals they add no stress to your tresses. Find out which one works best for you.
  1. Bancnet (ATM Card Payments)

Bancnet remains one of the most accessible  payment options for many. For payments via your Bancnet card here’s what you need to know.
Step 1 
After selecting “Bancnet Payment” you will be redirected to a Bancnet portal. As an added safety measure recheck your order summary and billing details.
Step 2
After checking the terms and conditions as well as confirming your BancNet Online Account, select continue. 
Step 3
Here you can now safely input your payment details, then confirm and complete your order. 
Some troubleshooting steps:
  • Before clicking Continue, please check if your ATM card is enabled for Bancnet Online Shopping. A link will be provided on the page.

  • Make sure that you have a BancNet Online account with an enrolled ATM card. For more on this contact your bank. 

  • You can also check by cycling through the listed accredited banks. It will also show the first 6 digits of the card and the corresponding bank limit. The first six digits of your card number should match the first six digit of your corresponding bank. If not refer to other payment methods we offer.

  • We encourage you to take a screenshot of the confirmation page for your reference. 

  1. Pay via Credit, Debit Card, & PayMaya Wallet

You  can choose between paying via Credit/ Debit Car or through Pay Maya.
Step 1
You will be taken to a payment portal. Review your purchase then click continue.
Step 2 
Add your name and card details.  As an added security measure add your email to receive your receipt. Then, select “Pay Now.” If your request is confirmed you will be taken to our confirmation page where you can get your order number. 
  1. Online Banking Apps

Already comfortable with your preferred banking app? You can easily settle orders via most major banks. 
Step 1
Choose your Bank. Then, select continue. 
Your bank isn’t on the list? Check out our other payment options to maximize your convenience. 
Step 2
You will be taken to an online payment portal where you will be provided details to use for online payment, including your reference number to pay for your order.
Step 3 
Head over to your mobile or online banking app. Select “Pay this Company/Biller” then search and select PAYEXPRESS (PAYNAMICS TECHNOLOGIES INC) using the transaction details including the transaction  number.
Step 4 
Input the details of your order, double check the details, and submit. We will automatically  be updated about your payment, but for faster transactions you may send us a copy of your payment slip via email.  
  1. GCash 

Near a 7/11 partner branch or have an active GCash Account? Then this would be a convenient option. 
Step 1
Click continue to go to the Gcash site or use pay via the Gcash mobile app, log in via your mobile number and confirm you password. 
Step 2 
Head to Pay Bills and search for PayExpress.
Step 3 
In put the reference number, contact details, amount as well as your email address.  We will automatically be updated about your payment, but for faster transactions you may send us a copy of your payment slip via email.  
*Make sure you have enough balance in your gcash wallet to pay for your order.
  1. DragonPay | Online Options

Dragon pay is a secure and convenient option for online payments. If you are not registered to your bank’s online banking portal, Dragon Pay offers a way to pay in real time, with no chargebacks and with low fixed fees.
Once you choose Dragonpay as your payment method, you will receive an email from them containing your payment details and instructions on how to pay with your chosen bank or payment center. You may also view detailed instructions to some Dragonpay channels by clicking here. 
With our broad payment options, you can be sure that payment is easy and convenient. So order now and get started on caring for you hair. 

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