Must-Have Nail Care Tools and Products to Have at Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Nails, often seen as a canvas for artistic expression, play a more vital role than just aesthetics. They protect our fingertips, enhance our sense of touch, and can even indicate our overall health. In the bustling world of today, with frequent hand washing and exposure to various elements, maintaining nail health has become paramount. For those who prefer the comfort of their homes for nail care, having the right tools and products is essential.

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The Importance of Nail Care

Healthy nails are smooth, without pits or grooves, and are consistent in color. Any changes in the nails' texture, color, or growth rate can indicate a problem, either in the nail itself or in the body as a whole. Regular nail care can prevent many of these issues and can even be a relaxing, therapeutic activity.

Your At-Home Nail Care Kit

  1. Nail Clippers: The foundation of any nail care routine, clippers help maintain nail length and shape. Opt for a set that includes both large and small clippers to cater to both fingernails and toenails. Ensure they maintain sharpness to prevent uneven cuts.
  2. Cuticle Pusher and Nipper: The cuticle acts as a shield protecting the nail. However, when overgrown, it can lead to nail infections. A cuticle pusher gently pushes the skin back, while a nipper trims any excess.
  3. Nail File and Buffer: These tools are essential for shaping and smoothing the nail's edge. While a file helps in shaping, a buffer smoothens the nail surface, preparing it for polish.
  4. Nail Strengthening Cream: Our nails, similar to our skin, require moisture. A nail strengthening cream not only moisturizes but also fortifies the nails, preventing breakage.
  5. Nail Polish and Remover: While polish adds a pop of color, it's essential to choose formulas that are free from harmful chemicals. Similarly, opt for a gentle, acetone-free remover to avoid drying out the nails.
  6. Hand Cream: Our hands, constantly exposed to the elements, deserve some TLC. A hydrating hand cream ensures that both your hands and nails remain moisturized and healthy.

HairMNL’s Top Products for your Nail Care Kit

Nghia Professional Cuticle Nipper (P 1,850)

Crafted for precision, the Nghia Professional Cuticle Nipper ensures a meticulous and safe cuticle trimming experience, preserving the health of your nails.

HairMNL Nghia Cuticle Nipper CL-203
CND Hot Shot File (P 280)

Achieve the desired nail shape with the CND Hot Shot File, which is durable and ensures a smooth finish every time.

HairMNL CND Hot Shot File
CND Girlfriend Buffer (P 435)

The CND Girlfriend Buffer is a must-have for achieving a natural shine, providing an impeccably smooth and even nail surface. The buffer is crafted to be gentle on the nails while still providing a salon-quality finish at home.


HairMNL CND Girlfriend Buffer
OPI Infinite Shine Strengthening Primer (P 1,250)

Give your nails a healthy foundation with the OPI Infinite Shine Strengthening Primer, which not only acts as a base but also boosts nail strength.

HairMNL OPI Infinite Shine Strengthening Primer

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OPI Nature Strong Duo Pack Gift Set (from P 1,900)

Featuring vibrant hues that do not fade quickly, the OPI Nature Strong Duo Pack is formulated without harsh chemicals, ensuring nail safety. 

HairMNL OPI Nature Strong Duo Pack Gift Set

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CND Service Essentials Offly Fast Moisturizing Remover 946ml (P 2,160)

Infused with moisturizing agents to counteract the drying effects of polish removal. Its unique formula ensures quick removal of even the most stubborn polishes while still pampering the nail bed.

HairMNL CND Service Essentials Offly Fast Moisturizing Remover 946ml

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Davines OI Hand Balm 75ml (P 1,200)

End your nail care routine by pampering your hands with the Davines OI Hand Balm, a luxurious moisturizer that leaves skin soft and supple.

HairMNL Davines OI Hand Balm 75ml



Nail care, often overlooked, is an integral part of our overall well-being. With the right tools and products, maintaining healthy nails becomes a breeze. Remember, your nails are a reflection of your overall health, so give them the care they deserve. Dive into the world of nail care and discover tools and products that ensure your nails remain strong, healthy, and beautiful.

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