Kérastase: Go Long

Growing your hair long takes dedication, but when it’s time to get in shape for the season, you’re not alone. The Extentioniste program is like spring training, and your hairdresser is your coach. Now it’s time to get serious about your long hair goals.


As with any hair goal, once you decide to grow your hair long, arrange a salon visit as soon as possible. It’s best to get your hairdresser on board early, so they can guide you through the process and fast track your progress. Tell them your length goal for the next three months. They’ll recommend the proper at-home Extentioniste routine and set you up with the products you need. Be sure to check in regularly as you move through your program.
In the meantime, request the Extentioniste Protocole to set you up for success. Start with a scalp activating massage using Serum Extentioniste followed by the Extentioniste treatment to reduce split ends by 78% and eliminate breakage. For a fresh start, your stylist can give you a clean, fabulous cut—not too much!—and your hair is ready to grow.


This part is on you. Follow your hairdresser’s recommended daily Extentioniste routine to begin to strengthen and protect your hair as it takes its first steps toward serious length.
Watch Diipa Büller-Khosla starts her at-home training with Extentioniste.

Checkpoint #1: RETURN TO THE SALON

You hairdresser will be able to tell you how often you need to come in for Extentioniste protocole during your program, depending on your hair’s condition and how ambitious your growth goals are. If the prescription is once a month, this is also a great time for an initial progress check. Your hairdresser can make any necessary adjustments to your at-home routine and keep you moving through your program smoothly.


Stay consistent with your Extentioniste hair ritual. This is where it really counts!
Extentioniste hair ritual

Checkpoint #2: RETURN TO THE SALON

Head in for another huddle with your hairdresser. Your hard work is really starting to pay off. Consult with your hairdresser on what your long hair needs right now and treat yourself to another Extentioniste Protocole to help your hair stay strong as you move into the home stretch.


Simply keep up your daily routine. This is no time to slack. You’re almost there!

Checkpoint #3: RETURN TO THE SALON

Your appointment with your hairdresser at the three-month mark will be like a victory lap. Your hair is getting long now! It’s time to re-evaluate your goals. Are you happy with where you are? Or do you want to go even longer? Your hairdresser can advise you on whether or not you need a trim, and how to keep your hair in fighting shape. There’s no stopping you now.
Your hair coach is ready to get you on the road to long-hair victory. Make an appointment with a Kérastase hairdresser to get on the fast track to success.


Explore the Extentioniste range and find the routine that gets you the long, healthy hair you want.


Extentioniste Routine
The Extentioniste routine targets roots, lengths and ends. It stimulates the scalp, then gently detangles lengths while reinforcing and finally sealing ends for hair that is as full and strong at the tips as it is at the root. Finish with the thermique and your hair is fortified with no split ends and no breakage.


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