The Role of Diet in Hair Health: What to Eat for Shiny, Healthy Hair

In the Philippines, we love our food. But did you know that our diet can significantly impact the health of our hair? In this article, we'll explore the best diet for healthy hair, focusing on the typical Filipino diet and what it might be lacking for optimal hair health. We'll also recommend some top products available at HairMNL to complement your hair care routine.

The Role of Diet in Hair Health: What to Eat for Shiny, Healthy Hair - HairMNL Tousled Online Magazine

The Connection Between Diet and Hair Health

Your hair is a reflection of your overall health. When your body is properly nourished, it can produce strong, vibrant hair. On the other hand, deficiencies in certain nutrients can lead to hair loss, dryness, and brittleness.

What to Eat for Healthy Hair: A Filipino Perspective

Here are some foods that are beneficial for hair health, with a focus on what's commonly available in the Philippines:

  • Protein: Hair is primarily made of protein, making it essential for hair health. Include lean meats, fish, eggs, and plant-based proteins like monggo (mung beans) and tofu in your diet.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These healthy fats can help keep your hair shiny and healthy. Bangus (milkfish), galunggong (round scad), and tilapia are excellent local sources. You can also find omega-3s in flaxseeds and walnuts.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as iron and zinc, are all important for hair health. They can be found in a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Malunggay (moringa), kamote (sweet potato), and kalabasa (squash) are nutrient-rich local vegetables that are good for your hair.

While a balanced diet is crucial, it's also important to maintain your hair's health with the right products and regular maintenance at a trusted salon like HairMNL Studio.

Complement Your Diet with the Right Hair Care Products

At HairMNL, we offer a selection of high-quality hair care products that can help maintain the health of your hair. 

Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner 250ml - HairMNL

1. Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner 250ml - ₱ 1,600

Elevate your hair care with Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, enriched with vitamin E. This antioxidant powerhouse deeply hydrates, strengthens, and protects your hair from environmental stressors. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a softer, shinier mane.

Kérastase Nutritive 8-Hour Magic Night Serum 90ml - HairMNL

2. Kérastase Nutritive 8-Hour Magic Night Serum 90ml - ₱ 3,500

Unlock the magic of beautiful hair with Kérastase Night Serum, infused with vitamin A. This vital nutrient promotes scalp health, hair growth, and prevents dryness. Wake up to nourished, revitalized locks.

AVEDA Nutriplenish™ Replenishing Overnight Serum 100ml - HairMNL
Image Source: Marks & Spencer

 3. AVEDA Nutriplenish™ Overnight Serum 100ml - ₱ 3,500

Rejuvenate your hair with AVEDA Overnight Serum, enriched with vitamin C. It shields your hair from free radicals, promotes collagen production, and leaves it smoother and shinier.

Davines OI Hair Butter 250ml - HairMNL
Image Source: Hair Intentions

 4. Davines OI Hair Butter 250ml

₱ 1,800

Nourish and pamper your locks with Davines OI Hair Butter. This luxurious treatment, enriched with Roucou Oil and vitamin D, deeply hydrates, leaving hair soft, silky, and radiant.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil 100ml - HairMNL
Image Source: BeautyTribe

 5. Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil 100ml

₱ 2,850

Experience luxurious hair care with Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil, featuring vitamin E. It nourishes, protects, and enhances shine, strength, and overall hair health.


Regular Maintenance at HairMNL Studio

Regular maintenance cuts and treatments at HairMNL Studio can also help keep your hair in top shape. Our professional stylists can recommend the best treatments for your hair type and condition, helping to enhance the effects of your healthy diet and hair care routine. Book your appointment here.

Unlocking Shiny, Healthy Hair: Balanced Diet and Quality Products

Your diet plays a significant role in the health of your hair. By eating a balanced diet and using the right hair care products, you can enjoy shiny, healthy hair. Don't forget the importance of regular maintenance cuts and treatments at HairMNL Studio to keep your hair looking its best.

Explore the best options for your hair today at and start your journey to healthier, shinier hair!

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