Revlon Professional ReStart

Introducing Revlon Professional ReStart – a comprehensive hair care solution designed to address diverse hair needs and promote scalp health.

  • ReStart Curls enhances curl definition and moisture retention for beautifully defined curls.
  • ReStart Color protects and prolongs vibrant color with advanced color care technology.
  • ReStart Density strengthens hair from root to tip, reducing hair fall and promoting density.
  • ReStart Volume amplifies fine hair with lightweight formulas for added body and volume.
  • ReStart Balance restores scalp microbiome balance, ensuring optimal hair health.
  • ReStart Recovery repairs and rejuvenates damaged hair, restoring strength and vitality.
  • ReStart Hydration deeply hydrates and nourishes hair for softness and shine.

Powered by the exclusive KERABIOTIC™ SYSTEM, ReStart combines skincare ingredients with advanced haircare solutions to achieve scalp microbiome balance and ensure balanced scalp and beautiful, healthy hair.

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