Revlon Professional ReStart Volume

Each type of hair has unique and specific needs. But no matter how different they are, there is one common need: caring for the foundation, the scalp, a vital element on the road to beautiful hair.

Revlon Professional ReStart™ has developed an exclusive dual action approach to hair care: respecting the scalp’s microbiome, its natural microorganism environment, to keep its balance and targeting specific hair needs with advanced ingredients.

From Skincare to Haircare.

A balanced scalp has the ideal amount of beneficial microorganisms. Any imbalances will increase the presence of suboptimal microorganisms, which may damage the scalp.

Revlon Professional ReStart combines skincare ingredients to achieve scalp microbiome balance and to help soothe and protect the scalp.

Revlon Professional ReStart Volume
Lightweight formulas add volume and body for fine hair.

  • Proven Skincare Ingredients: balance scalp microbiome.
  • Protein: provides natural hair volume and body.
  • Volumizing Polymer: for root lifting effect.