Davines Alchemic for Colored Hair

Enhance natural and cosmetic color

Davines Alchemic is a system of shampoos and conditioners with pure pigments that can intensify and brighten both natural and cosmetic color.
This is non-permanent color that gives you free reign to experiment without worrying about long-term effects. These tones can be creatively mixed together, or used separately to maintain and enhance natural and cosmetic color.  

Beautiful color through pure pigments

Each family within the Alchemic system covers a different range of hair colors.
Icy platinum blondes can avoid brassiness with Alchemic Silver, dark brunettes can add rich, never-dull tones with Alchemic Chocolate, and vibrant cool reds are boosted with Alchemic Copper.

Pink, Coral, Lavender, Marine Blue and Teal Blue.
Perfect for those who are fed up with their everyday hair color and want to play with pastel or vivid shades.
To be used in salon and at home on light blonde natural hair and lightened hair up to a platinum blonde.
The Alchemic Creative Conditioners will not modify the natural color of your hair, they'll layer on the outside of the hair stem and fade after several shampoos (from 3 to 10).
The duration of the color depends on some factors, such as the porosity of your hair and the color you chose.