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Davines Naturaltech Replumping Shampoo: Elasticizing and Hydrating for All Hair Types

This creamy Davines Naturaltech Replumping Shampoo 250 mL has surfactants that cleanse gently without altering hair structure. Its active ingredients also give elasticity, moisture, and protection for all kinds of hair. Coming from the Naturaltech line, it is designed to treat specific hair or scalp problems. The Replumping line is great for strengthening and boosting volume for limp and lifeless hair.


  • Plum phytoceuticals - rich in polyphenols and flavonoids with strong toning, elasticizing, and anti-oxidant properties to combat free radicals
  • Gentle surfactants - for gentle cleansing
  • Petit grain essential oils - for elasticity and compactness


Apply to scalp and damp hair and massage gently. Rinse out carefully and repeat application if needed.