Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Clean Performance Time Restore Q10+

For Mature & Fragile Hair

Every hair is made of 95% Keratin and every year our production of Keratins diminishes. As we age, hair can become weak, limp, brittle or dry. And it’s why mature hair needs specific care. Add white hair, which needs even more moisture, into the equation and you need something special. Bonacure Time Restore with Q10 provides more resistance, elasticity and vitality. It helps to protect against visible signs of aging, and as a result looks and feels rejuvenated, fuller, softer and shiner. Every day.

Our brilliant Bonacure Time Restore Complex immediately erases visible signs of aging while stimulating the hair's natural Keratin synthesis.

Vegan Keratin
Developed to refill the damaged cortex by re-building the hair’s inner architecture, restoring strength and elasticity.

Cell Equalizer Technology
Provides additional care for all hair types, repairing the outer layer of each strand by filling structural gaps, restoring elasticity, providing strength and adding shine.

In skin care Q10 is known as THE aging cure to work against visible signs of aging. But not only skin can benefit from this highly effective coenzyme. Q10 exists in every cell in the body and is essential for the vitalisation of cells. It stimulates the hair bulb to reactivate production of the 2 Keratins that decrease over time and therefore restores the optimal structure of future hair growth.


  • More elasticity, resistance and vitality,
  • Helps to protect the hair against visible signs of aging.
  • The Time Restore Q10+ Clay Treatment protects hair and scalp from external aggressors with an antioxidant action.
  • Up to 48 hours of moisturized hair feeling with the Clay Treatment.
  • Up to 72%* improved manageability.