Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Clean Performance Repair Rescue Arginine

For Damaged Hair

When hair is damaged, it shows it by losing its bounce, its healthy-looking appearance and its shine. And it’s no good just covering over the cracks. With Bonacure Repair Rescue we are able to reverse 3 years of damage in just one application and create up to 100% stronger hair. The potent formulas with Arginine nourish, restructure and repair hair from the inside out. The inner structure is fully replenished for renewed elasticity and the cuticle ideally resurfaced for a remarkable healthy looking and soft silky feeling.

When the hair goes through external aggressions such as chemical processes, heat, UV-rays and free radicals, the cuticle becomes brittle or can even totally disappear leaving the hair fibre open and unprotected. The hair is damaged.

The damaged hair is altered at two levels. Inner level cortex reveals deep structural gaps. Hair architecture is strongly weakened. Outer level cuticle becomes uneven and rough. Hair friction and tangle risk increase over time. The hair loses its natural movement, softness and shine.

The secret of Repair Rescue lies in the combined action of Cell Equalizer technology and Arginine, designed to reverse 3 years of damage. Hair is deeply reconstructed inch by inch and protected by a reactive anti-friction shield. As a result, hair is instantly and visibly repaired, strengthened, full of movement, with incredible shine and softness.

Vegan Keratin
Developed to refill the damaged cortex by re-building the hair’s inner architecture, restoring strength and elasticity.

Cell Equalizer Technology
Provides additional care for all hair types, repairing the outer layer of each strand by filling structural gaps, restoring elasticity, providing strength and adding shine.

L-arginine is a proteinogenic æ-amino acid and can be found in hair as an essential building block. The main function of L-arginine is to be used to build proteins.


  • Instantly reverse 3 years of hair damage in just one application.
  • Up to 95% less hair breakage.*
  • Up to 85% improved combability.**
  • Up to 100% stronger hair.***
  • Seals up to 90% of split ends with Repair Rescue Sealed Ends+.

*Combination of Repair Rescue Shampoo & Spray Conditioner.
**In regards to the Repair Rescue Treatment.
***Compared to damaged hair.