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Davines Essentials LOVE Curl Cream: Lovely Curl Enhancer for Wavy or Curly Hair

This volumizing Davines Essentials LOVE Curl Enhancing Cream 150 mL is made for giving curly or wavy hair better definition. Its leave-on formula is designed to define curls invisibly without leaving residue, while keeping hair soft and shiny.

Products in the Davines Essentials line are all free from sulfates and parabens; instead, they have active ingredients from rare fruit and vegetable strains grown in Italy to help promote biodiversity. The scent that characterizes the LOVE family has a citrus and green note.


  • Noto Almond Extracts - Rich in protein, Vitamins B and E, unsaturated fat, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, and phosphorus for elasticity and volume. These particular almonds come from the farm of Mr. Carlo Assenza from Noto, Syracuse - a Slow Food Presidium;
  • Mica - To give hair shine
  • Rhizobian gum - To give hair volume and moisture


Apply to towel dried hair after using the LOVE Curl Enhancing Conditioner. Do not rinse off.