Davines Shampoo Bars

HairMNL Davines Solid Shampoo Bar
Find all of the benefits of the Essential Haircare professional shampoo in the new solid format: it is compact, its packaging is 100% paper, it contains actives from Slow Food Presidia and lasts up to 40 washings!
The Davines Essential Haircare shampoo formulas are also available in new solid version. We are glad to present to you four different shampoo bars: VOLU to give volume to fine hair, MOMO for a deep hydration, LOVE for frizzy hair and DEDE for a delicate cleansing.

    Shampoo bars, five reasons for trying them!

    Professional Quality Guaranteed
    By moistening and rubbing the solid shampoo between your hands, you will obtain a rich and creamy foam, very pleasant. The perception on wet hair may be different compared to what you are used to, but when drying you will obtain the same result you would have obtained using traditional shampoo.

    Packaging 100% Paper
    The solid shampoo is wrapped in a virtuous packaging, because it consists in its package leaflet made of 100% completely recyclable paper.

    Easy Transport and Preservation
    The solid shampoo can be transported easily and using less space compared to a traditional shampoo.

    Safeguarding Biodiversity and the Aquatic Environment
    The solid shampoo continues within the Essential Haircare line sustainable tradition and contains a Slow Food Presidia ingredient, in order to safeguard biodiversity in Italy!

    Lasts Up to 40 Washings
    If preserved correctly, the shampoo bar lasts a long time. In general, a 100 gram shampoo bar makes it possible to wash between 30 and 40 times, more than a 250 ml bottle of liquid shampoo.