HairMNL Le Couleur Infrared Iron
HairMNL Le Couleur Infrared Iron
HairMNL Le Couleur Infrared Iron
HairMNL Le Couleur Infrared Iron
Le Couleur Infrared Iron - HairMNL
HairMNL Le Couleur Infrared Iron
HairMNL Le Couleur Infrared Iron
HairMNL Le Couleur Infrared Iron
HairMNL Le Couleur Infrared Iron
Le Couleur Infrared Iron - HairMNL

Le Couleur Infrared Iron

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Ultrasonic and infrared hair repair makes hair silky, shiny and natural looking. Revolutionary dual technology reverses heat damage & stress left by traditional flat irons and daily abuse.
    Key Features
    Ultrasonic frequencies and infrared light dual technology
    Heatless reaction
    Cool to the touch
    Fully certified

    What It Does
    Locks in moisture and hair treatment
    Reverses damaged, frayed and dry hair
    Note: This iron is for use with hair treatments only (i.e. keratin treatments)


      Le Couleur Professionnel's Ultrasonic Infrared Hair Care Iron combines the power of ultrasonic frequencies with infrared light.
      • Heatless Reaction. The ultrasonic vibrations combine with the infrared light causing water molecules to speed up and vaporize, this allows treatment products to effectively get into the hair shaft.
      • Ultrasonic frequencies and infrared light to help moisture, nutrition, and protein penetrate directly into the hair cortex without heat.
      • Effectively seals in keratin and closes the gaps in the hair cuticle. This results in smoother, silkier, shinier, and healthier hair.
      • Infrared and Negative Ionic Technology: Far infra-red ray releases water molecules while negative ions helps seal hair cuticle and natural moisture.
      • Adjustable Temperature: LCD Digital temperature control that can meet your different needs, from fragile, normal to coarse thick hair types.
      • Hot Plate: Ultra-smooth titanium plates make hair shiny with less damage to hair keratin. Eliminates frizz from high temperature and leaves hair silky, soft and healthier-looking.
      • Dual Voltage and Auto Shut Off: Worldwide dual voltage and lockable plates for traveling. Safety auto shut off 60 minutes of non use. 360 degree swivel cord.
      HairMNL Le Couleur Professionnel Infrared Iron
      HOW TO USE
      1. Wash hair with shampoo only.
      2. Leave hair 80% dry after washing.
      3. Separate hair into several wisps.
      4. Smear hair mask evenly, then wait for about 15 minutes.
      5. Clip a wisp of hair and flip 3-5 times at a very low speed.
      6. After 10-15 minutes or before the hair is about to dry, rinse hair with medium warm water then proceed with drying.

      HairMNL Le Couleur Professionnel Infrared Iron

      • Input voltage: 100-240V
      • Output voltage: 35V Output power: 20W
      • Frequency: 50/ 60HZ
      • Ultrasonic plate material: metal
      • Infrared ray plate material: PET
      • Color: Black

      Le Couleur Professionnel will provide a 14-day warranty policy which will be effective from the date the delivery was accepted by the consumer. The products are only eligible for a warranty service if the technical staff, after examining the defect/s, thinks it is due to faulty materials, controls, or other natural causes etc.

      The products will not be eligible for warranty services for the following:
      1. Damages caused by accidents, negligence or wrong handling of the product which is not in accordance with the product instruction manual. (e.g, wrong installation, etc.)
      2. Damages caused by external repairs and services by other parties other than Le Couleur Professionnel.
      3. Damages caused by using the product for anything other than its original purpose.
      4. Damages caused by using parts and accessories which are not original components from Le Couleur Professionnel.
      5. Damages caused by using the product in a country other than the Philippines where it was originally sold.
      The following guidelines shall be observed for products eligible for warranty service:
      1. The products repaired or replaced within the warranty period will not extend the warranty period.
      2. For products sold within Metro Manila, the items may be transported through courier services to HairMNL or directly to Le Couleur business address. The items and its accessories should be packed with its original box.Completion of warranty service depends on the extent of damage of the items but not longer than five (5) days within Metro Manila. Return of repaired items may take longer for customers from the provinces and outside Metro Manila.

      Credit Card, Bank Deposit, GCash, Over-the-Counter options. All payment methods except COD. COD is not allowed for electronics.

      Please expect delivery within 3 to 6 working days within Metro Manila, within 4 to 7 working days to provinces.

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