Products for Keratin-Treated Hair

Did you ever wish that your Keratin-Treated hair stayed smoother and frizz-free longer? Keratin-Treated hair requires special aftercare to maintain its benefits for 2 months or more.
These treatments work by filling in the pores in your hair with the hair protein keratin, which may have been lost due to age or previous chemical treatments. Overly-porous strands are often the cause of tangled, frizzy, or breakage-prone hair. 
However, regular shampoos have sodium chloride (salt) and sulfates that effectively counteract the effects of keratin treatments: salt dissolves keratin, while sulfates are harsh latherers that can prematurely strip the treatment from your hair.
HairMNL carries Sodium Chloride and Sulfate-Free shampoo, hydrating conditioner, and dry shampoo from Keratin Complex for proven, salon-recommended aftercare.

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