10 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Fight Hair Thinning

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Delicate and sensitive hair is far more prone to damage that causes breakage and dullness creating a noticeable thinning and loss of hair density. We’ve talked a lot about what causes thinning hair and the decrease in hair density, but if you’re experiencing this, what can you do to help respond to these concerns? Here are 10 pro care tips to include in your routine care of NIOXIN, an award winning brand that has released a new and improved formula for treating hair loss. 
A woman having shampoo massaged into her hair
If your hair has recently begun to thin, you may need to change your haircare routine. Caring for fine hair properly can mean a different approach, but your hair will thank you for it. NIOXIN’s experts have shared their golden rules for thin hair care – to help hair stay stronger, nourished, and growing as healthily as possible. 
#1: Wash your hair regularly
Washing your hair regularly will help to get rid of build-up from products and oils on the scalp and strands, which weigh down hair and can leave it looking flat. So how do you know which one works for you? It’s always good to review your hair’s history. Natural hair vs colored and chemically damaged hair involve very different approaches. Consider this consultation tree from the new line of system kits by NIOXIN. Each kit contains a cleanser, a conditioner and a treatment for targeted results. 
#2: Towel-dry your hair gently
When it comes to drying your hair, firstly towel-dry your locks without using too much force – this can help to reduce breakages and tangles. So resist the urge to style right away. 
#3: Dry with a medium heat
A woman whose dark hair is being styled with a hairdryer and barrel brush
Blow-drying thin hair on a high heat can cause significant breakage and damage. Turn things down to medium and let your hair dry naturally. It also gives it extra body. 
#4: Invest in a boar bristle brush
A large black plastic paddle brush
The softer yet denser bristles in a traditional boar bristle hairbrush will be gentler on the scalp and hair strands, with the density of the bristles spreading pressure out more evenly as you brush.
This type of brush is also useful for creating certain hairstyles, like brushing out curls to create soft vintage waves.
#5: Brush the ends first
A comb running through a woman's wet blonde hair
Always aim to brush the ends of your hair first, then working up towards the roots, to avoid tangles and breakage. Try to brush gently and avoid using too much force
#6 Wear your ponytail loose
A woman's blonde hair in a low ponytail at the nape
When wearing your hair up, try to create a ponytail that is loose. Pulling hair too tightly strains the roots, causing stress along the hairline that contributes to breakage
#7 Massage your scalp
A man having his head gently massaged at the temples
Massaging your scalp increases blood circulation to the hair roots. Relax with a three-minute massage to help stimulate blood flow, carrying all the requisite nutrients, to your scalp. Consider massaging your treatment in carefully really taking the time not only to apply product but also to encourage microcirculation.
#8 Stay healthy 
A bowl filled with avocado slices, sweet potato, spinach, tomatoes and cauliflower
Diet and lifestyle are important factors in hair health – hair growth begins inside the body.
Avoid smoking and heavy alcohol consumption; learn about the important nutrients and food for hair growth
#9 Braid your hair
The back of a woman's head, with blonde hair braided in a thick plait
For long hair, style it in a braid for sleeping to help reduce breakage
#10 Condition your hair regularly
A woman's red hair with conditioner being massaged in
Conditioner is important for nourishing the hair strands, making them stronger and more resistant to damage. Consider getting conditioners from the NIOXIN 3D Care Systems that are suitable for using on your roots. 
Use a good everyday conditioner alongside an occasional deep-conditioning hair mask plus a regular salon treatment and you’ll find your thinning hair will greatly improve. 
There you have it our 10 simple and effective ways to treat thinning hair.  Have a thinning hair concern? Message us now and get a free consultation with our experts or learn more about NIOXIN’s new 3D Care Systems by heading over to our article about it here.
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