What are the Signs of Hair Thinning?

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There are 3 Ds that show signs of hair thinning: Density, Diameter, and Derma

DENSITY - The most apparent sign of thinning hair is experiencing few hair strands. An unhealthy scalp and unprotected hair may keep your newest hair from maturing - resulting in gaps in your hair's overall silhouette. 

DIAMETER - Finer hair strands are one of the key signs of thinning hair. This is caused by a lower level of keratin that results in flatter or flaky looking hair that is unable to support its own weight.

DERMA - An unhealthy scalp will not result in healthy hair growth. Healthy, deep-rooted hair grows from follicles that aren't blocked with sebum or product build-up - these can prevent new hair from coming through the skin. 

NIOXIN's system approach tackles all 3 Ds can give you a denser, fuller looking head of hair in as little as 30 days.

The NIOXIN System works by using the Cleanser, Revitaliser and Scalp Treatment. The Cleanser works by ensuring the scalp is clean and follicles are free of debris (from residue, oil, dirt, and dead skin). The Revitaliser works by strengthening each strand of hair as it grows, lessening the chances of breakage. The Scalp Treatment works by ensuring the scalp is moist and is in optimal condition for hair to grow. 

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